Level up perk guide?


Has anyone made one of these? Like which perks unlock at which levels? I’d love to know this so i can strategize my builds at which levels. I’d also just need to know when feeding speed+ 3 stars unlocks as i think i will use that perk the most frequently.


All I know is that you need to get to level 45 for all the perks to be level three but I could be wrong


Lvl 40 is the max level.


never mind leave to mad cow to correct people


I know that the perks level up in the order you unlock them in. I am pretty sure I had level 2 jetpack recharge and I reached level 10-12 in beta.


Ya. Everything gets Unlocked, then they all get 2 stars, then all get 3 starts. Interestingly enough, the starter perks. Monster Climb speed and Jump bonus are already 3 stars. Most likely to make a perk unlock for each level.


Well, people help me with this but I only found jet pack bonus recharge usefull. I mean for the hunters. I played all the matches with this perk…I know that the other perks are good too…I mean who the hell doesnt want a bit more dmg etc…but I found out that for the hunter…as much mobility as possible…can be matter of life or death.


I’ve chosen damage buff with Markov and Hyde as it really isn’t my job to catch up to the monster, despite the many uses of recharge.


Yeah they might be exceptions but, if you always far behind the action cuz u cant get there in time, you can screw your dmg buff :smiley:

Sorry for the bad language :stuck_out_tongue:


In the Big Alpha I used Jetpack almost exclusively. In the Beta, every game I played had 4 or 5 people on Teamspeak and were organized plays. I think I chose Jetpack only a couple of times at most. Working as a team means you go for different things.


It’s not impossible to know your terrain and have adequate fuel to reach where you need to be quickly! The recharge is merely a crutch for bad conservation.

Remember you asked for help on the subject, i would keep an open mind on different strategies. :wink:


I’m planning on adding it to the stickied guide!


Awesome! Thank you very much heir doktor! :smiley:


True, sorry for acting like that.