Level/stars/perks reset?


I was lvl 10 full game and joined a diffrent match lost my level and all progress perks 2nd characters ect… so what do I do? Let alone the shadowing is glitchy and people were dying under the map making this game almost ubearable.


Is this for the XBox One?


same for me everything got resested


this just happened to me as well. was level 9 and i accepted a friends invite and it reset. i had to do all the first start up settings when i reset my game. all my accolades gone, character progress gone. this is on xbox one.


:frowning: i spent 80 bucks on this game and wasted my whole day playing and all my stuff gone very disapointing


Also go report this to the 2K forums…more voices need to be heard about this there.


We are looking into this, but to better help us figure it out, please submit a ticket to 2K support! This helps us gather data


You guys better Fucking fix this I was just reset from level 21 to level 1 on Xbox One —Gamertag Hunting Royalty


Just throwing this here. Please visit this thread. When we have more information we will be updating this thread, so closing this one to prevent redundancy.