Level reseted


i was level 8 on evolve and i got off to take a break and all of a sudden i was level 1 again anyone care to to explain what happen and or get me my levels back


Same issue. Almost had elite Caira! Very frustrating


Level 17 with one star on all Monsters and Markov… reset to level 1.

Edit… and Hank.


do you know if they said anything about fixing this or whatever i played for 11 hours all down the tube


Is this for XBox One? If so, it is sadly becoming a common issue. It’s being looked in to. Also, maybe report this to 2K since it may be their servers having an issue.


yep xbox one played since 12 at midnght got off for a few hours and poof everything reseted lol


XBOX also.


Xbox one for me


After the reset when I continue playing, my level increases but my character mastery doesn’t gain any experience.


I thought I heard progress made in beta was going to carry over, but I didn’t see that. Anyone know anything about that? I could have heard wrong though.


You get to keep the character unlocks but I don’t think the progressions.


Makes sense


i found out what might be the problem is with people getting reset me and my freind both got reseted the days that we messed with our routers in paticular i was on the phone with internet provider a hour before i got online and found out i was reset and my freind changed his IP and boom reset and then he played again until lvl 2 changed his IP again and boom reset for the third time im telling you this might have something to do with it


First of all I am a huge fan of the game.

Evolve: Xbox One
GT: DE PredStealth

With that said here are my huge issues:

  1. All Characters and my in Game rank (from 25) got reseted across the board. I am now rank 1 With all progress erased (Badges, perks, etc.)
    +Notable Character LAZARUS: I had achieved FULL mastery on this character, spending more than 12 hours of play just on this single character (I have the achievement to prove it on Xbox One).
    +All other progress such as damage, and tasks on other character was reseted as well.

  2. World Rank/Standing was reseted as well bringing my wins with Lazarus from 47 to 1.
    As well as the standing/rank with other characters/

  3. Elite skin with Lazarus got erased.

This is extremely disheartening, as I truly love the game, and preordered with Hunting Pass included (Deluxe Edition). I need a fix on this as I plan to go for the all the achievements, but I am not planning on grinding Lazarus progress for another 12 hours again.

Please give me my progress back.
Thank you.