Level cap raised


Would be cool if the level cap was raised higher or a prestige type system was implemented.


The idea of constantly needing a bar to go up is pretty weird.


Not really im already lvl 33 they need to raise the cap


Why? What is the point? Why not just continue to play? Would you go all the way to 100 if it meant nothing?


Carrot addiction.


I don’t think you quite understand how progression works or what “dangling a carrot on a stick means”. Even if it’s just literally a new icon next to the same numbers, having something to keep working for in a progression based video game is kind of important for a lot of people. When you stop seeing the gratification of an EXP bar getting filled, many begin to grow bored and play less. I know I have when I’ve reached the level cap in certain games…


Look, before i get twisted up in a pointless debate Turtle ROCK- has already confirmed there raising it and adding stuff…I think it should be raised for brag rights and just adding to the game. Please quit crying over a leveling system thats already in place. As i said they need to raise it soon to many people are almost capped.


Raising it to accommodate for new things does not bother me at all. I welcome that. I just think rushing it just to watch a number get bigger is crazy. Please alter your definition of what crying is, sir.


If you get bored of a game because you do not get to see a number go up then you are not playing for the right reasons.


Getting my rank reset is my prestige, and Having -800 Harpoons -20000 Meters ran with daisy and -100000 damage is my maggie prestige.


I mostly want it because I already hit 40 and like seeing level progression kind of like the battlefield rank system in BF3. Rewards you for the time you put into the game with the service star ranks and extra xp/dog tag emblems for achieving them. Maybe even add Veteran Skins every 5-20 levels depending how many there are going to be.


YES please. BUT this should not reset our hunters or the amount of stars we have on them. Just in regards to your overall profile level.

No max would be nice. Although in Titanfall I reached prestige 10 (highest) and it took a LONG while to get there.

I think this would help with the longevity of the game and also give players the feeling their XP is not being wasted once capped on profile level.


Yeah, TRS. Prestige them. Reset everything. Then people will really get the since that they are really doing something.


It’s a video game, what exactly are the right reasons besides to have fun and waste time? :expressionless:

Whether or not you agree, the power of progression makes everything sweeter. If you continually have something to work for, as arbitrary as it may be(it’s a video game, anything you do will be so), that’s good incentive for many to keep playing.


The lvls in Evolve are primary meant to unlock your new perks. I don’t know in what thread it was but MacMan already mentioned that “more lvls mean more perks” also he said that this will come in future updates.
Now you know that there will be raises in the future. Your question is answered


Take it easy, gentlemen (and ladies). It’s true that some people find it pointless to prestige or go beyond a certain level and such, but a lot of people just like seeing a bar fill up. @warpathchris It may seem like madness, but it can be kind of satisfying- and while I disagree with prestige, I do think it’s nice to have a bar filling up, even if it means nothing. It’s a psychological thing- we love progress, and so we like to make it a visual thing. People like random leveling, so let them. As long as you aren’t forced to prestige/continue leveling/etc, everyone is happy.

In short, people are different. Some like seeing a progress bar fill up, others think it’s madness. But as long as you don’t have to keep going to keep up, everyone is happy.


You make good points and some of the things said previously make sense to me too. But I absolutely hate the idea of prestige and I get heated when people get on the forums and are like “The devs need to do this.” You aren’t the boss of them. Make a request, not a demand.


i agree with that, im almost level 40, they need like a 60 or more, level in total.


It’s a rock and a hard place. We aren’t the boss of them, but it’s because of us they have a job. It’s a fine line between being entitled and being a consumer. If you’re to forceful in demanding something, people get irritated, but if you’re not forceful enough, you get ignored.

Very few are in that happy medium. It’s either one or the other.


People like options. Options are good for a game. I’ll never perstige lol… I’ve earned my perks 4 times now. No need for a fifth. But some people want that. If it’s easy enough to put in might as well.