Level bug?



20 mins ago i made it to account level 23 , i will enjoy my 500 silver keys reward , atleast thats what i thought , im stuck at level 22 and i cant level up.



This is actually not a bug. Please see this topic


Having a pretty busy day with this change, he? :wink:


“We found many users were getting to the higher levels too quickly, so we wanted to slow this down during our Beta period.”

hmmmm , i think im not that fast , i did 22 levels in 3 days :smiley:


22 out of 30… :wink:


isnt maximum level 40 ? or its only maximum on characters ? and do you plan to add more maps ? cuz its getting pretty boring to play only 4 maps.


Max account level = 30
Max character level = 40


Oh damn, i thought the max account level was far higher than this :smiley:
it really was going way fast then :grin:
i dont know why, but i thought the max account level was somewhere in the 50s to 60s


Probably will be one day :smiley:


im just enjoying the ride right now :smiley:best multiplayer expierence i had in quite some time(probly since the beta of dota2, wich was quite some years ago^^)


lil bit. :wink:


Fantastic to hear! :heart: