Level balance (will it be in the TU9?)


Because the game sometimes is in promo, new players are welcome to the game and they discover it like bunnies running in an unknown plain. But because the plain is unknown, it doesn’t mean that it’s a safe area to run in.

The bunny, when he discovers the plain for the first time, is weak and careless. He isn’t aware of what he have to do and what he do not have to do.
He wil find most of the time, wolves and bears in the plain. He did not find any bunny at his level. Then, because of this, he fights the wolves and the bears because he did not find any animals weak like him. But the wolves and the bears were too strong for him, so he perished in the plain…

What I mean is that, the new player, instead of finding players at his level, willl find players at high levels or at the level 40. Which mean the new player will die quickly as a monster/make his team angry at him and make it lose.

I hope the TU9 will allow players to find other players selected by the game instead of randomly chosen players that are commonly at level 40. (I know that the community is quite small currently, but what should I say if new players find players stronger than them?)

The main reason why I talk about that is because I was fighting with a monster player lvl 1, we were 4 high leveled players against him and he did not had a chance of winning…and then he ragequit.


Yeah I told one yesterday not to play Monster in Quickplay and to try first playing a bit solo and learning the mechanics before trying to be monster in quickplay.

Because otherwise, we found him at stage 1 and finished the match under 5 minutes (which isnt fun for either sides if there isnt a bit of a challenge).


You guys should have been a little more gentle then whith the newcomer monster :wink:




There was an asshole in our team…so the rest of it followed him.


I’m not sure about you, but if I find a new area I’m extra extra careful.


Well the TU is resetting everyone’s rank, so everyone will start out as “noobs” again. But the reason behind level 40s being matched with low levels is because of the low playerbase.

Also is why ranked is a joke now.


What ? What? What? And really?


yup. It was announced a while ago.


Another thing I missed but its welcomed


I look forward to reranking personally.


Me too I was under the impression thst they were going to just not with the TU


So is that all ranks?


Yep, it has to do with the new progression system and the fact that ranking system will get some changes which will (most likely) result in a total reset.


Yeah. I’d say the biggest problem after advertising is that veterans will be pitted against noobs in this reset.


If its anything like the dr matches we went threw I’m going to play the higher skiil to put me in a higher rank so these noobs you speak of won’t have to worry about me.


I think the leader board is remaining?


I believe so, but that’s it.


After dropping 2 leagues due to Laz fanboys, I’m not. In a way I am, but only because I can rank higher with friends. But I never have a consistent party and so QuickPlay is much more efficient.

I will try being monster on ranked at least.