Level and tier resets Xboxone


I was level 17 and was on tier 3 for all my weapons. Now I’m level 1 and have to restart leveling up everything again. I’m ranked 1 in the world with Griffin. Gamer tag: Wooizeman
Could you fix please?


Sorry this has been happening to a lot of people. Please report this over at 2K. Let me grab a link…
Submit a ticket to 2K support This helps them gather data.


Same thing happened in here twice… I was lvl7 almost 8 then i got disconnected and the game was freeze so i dashboarded it and the as soon as i relaunch the game it was like i never played this game tuts show up and i was lvl1 …then i played again to reach lvl4 today and samething happened again… Very frustrating
I got the deluxe digital edition at 89.99 and im playing on xbox one…also i helped you a lot playing around 40hrs in the alpha and 40hrs on the beta … Im feelin like this time ived just paid 100$ to participate into another beta…Cmmon!!


Just throwing this here. Please visit this thread. When we have more information we will be updating this thread, so closing this one to prevent redundancy.


I was the 2nd best Caira on xbox live with close to 150 wins and my shit literally just got reset, I am furious