Level 40 Prestige?


I was wondering if the Hunters and Monsters right now have a Prestige mechanic?

If so, what is it? And if they currently do not, how should Prestige work?

My personal idea is that if a Character attains Prestige, the Character goes back to Level 1 but gains a Prestige Bonus that effects a token “+1” in something. Each time the Character Prestiges it effects this “+1”. So you’re counting each time a Character crosses Level 40 as “One Prestige Rank”.

For example:
ASSAULT - Each Prestige Rank grants a bonus of +1 Damage to the entire Team this Hunter is a part of for the entire duration of the Match.

TRACKER - Each Prestige Rank grants a bonus of +1 Movement Speed to the entire Team this Hunter is a part of for the entire duration of the Match.

SUPPORT - Each Prestige Rank grants a bonus of +1 Armor to the entire Team this Hunter is a part of for the entire duration of the Match.

MEDIC - Each Prestige Rank grants a bonus of +1 Total Health to the entire Team this Hunter is a part of for the entire duration of the Match.

MONSTER - Each Prestige Rank grants a bonus of +1 Total Armor to this Monster the entire duration of the Match.

Then during character select you can choose to Disable or Enable your Prestige Rank Bonus. If you have it enabled, during the VS screen your character’s Level Banner also has the Prestige Badge/Icon along with a number indicating the Rank of Prestige.

So that means that an Assault that has gone over level 40 three times grants +3 Damage to all attacks across his team if Prestige Rank Bonus is enabled and so on.

These won’t really affect gameplay that much, except in the case of true Evolve maniacs who get like 50 Prestige, but that would go some way in rewarding the truly dedicated. And in case they start to get bored they can just choose to disable Prestige Rank Bonuses.


Currently there is no prestige system. But it would be a cool thing

######even though I’m far away from top level


Currently no prestige system but if players want it I do believe it is planned: https://twitter.com/GrizzleMarine/status/744642666017742848


Most people (even the ones with the prestige) would hate the buffs because they would ruin the game by making that team op so the game would be over much faster, would be less fun, and the movement speed would make the game unfun for monsters.


I did say you could disable Prestige Rank Bonus during Character Select… you know… if you have “sense of honor”.

But I think at the first 5 or so Prestige Ranks it wouldn’t make much difference, even the Perks count in Percentage rather than a solitary point.


You cannot disable somebody elses buff, so you (as monster) would see the game as unfun and you (as hunter) would see it as too easy.


I :thumbsup: this idea all the way. It’s a cool progression way to keep players playing and how you said “+1 of this buff” is fair as it’s a +1 and not +5 or 10. So I can see it’s balanced and a cool idea. As it’s a forum I suggest my opinions:

Maybe keep it to just the Assault himself, as he is supposed to be the damage dealer and not a support. Plus the different types of coding would be easier.

In a radius or just at all times?

If this is not what I think it means then I think it should be a boost to the Shield Boost ability

Again same with Support I think it should by a boost the the Healing Burst

What about Armor Regen boost?


Yeah, these are also good ideas.

The notion though of granting it as a Team bonus is because “One guy can mess up the game for Hunters”. So I thought a good trade off is “If you have a Prestige guy, this one guy can automatically make the game better for Hunters”.

Same for Monsters though. I was thinking of films like JAWS. Where Jaws was effectively a “Prestige Shark”. So it was a “name animal”. So I wanted it that if you fought a Prestige Monster it was like… “That’s no ordinary version of the Monster”.

So yeah: Armor Regen would also cause problems for Hunters… AND… it basically means the best way to fight Prestige Monsters is with a team that has Prestige Hunters!

It’s a new meta dimension! and it changes the social aspect. Instead of saying you need certain characters to beat certain monster… at the Prestige level it’s like we have to call out known Prestige-ed players to hunt each other! :slight_smile:

So it’s like…The Prestige Monsters are like Jaws, and the Prestiged hunters are like Quint from the film JAWS. Having Quint in their team “improved the stats” of the two other novice Shark Hunters. :slight_smile:


Oh and of course: Prestige Skins. :slight_smile:


How cool would it be for people to shout: “That’s not Wraith! That’s @Shin!” Hahaha.
We need @bigg_quantum to kill this thing!

See? Won’t that be cool? Your username already flashes above the character name but if you’re Prestiged it’s like going to war with all your medals on. :slight_smile:


I would like the prestiged system to keep players playing the game, some fancy icons, colour , but i strongly against the buff.


I don’t like the idea of things like the old masteries creeping back in. Personally I don’t feel that people should get an easier game because they have the time to sink in to ranking up levels. Up to a point it’s acceptable, especially if those things (like perks) can be eventually bought somehow via microtransactions… but there’s nothing fair about someone who can sink 100 hours a month into the game clocking up buffs while someone who can only play 10 hours a month would never get there.


Can we NOT implement this sort of thing? Being primarily a PVP game I don’t want stats affecting the balance through this sort of prestige system because someone has more time to grind out levels. If prestige grants cosmetics, fine, but no stats.

Perks should be the ONLY thing that changes the stats.


Well I thought “+1” was like a “token buff”. If you want to get +10… you’d need to Prestige the same character by 120 levels… and that would be like… how many hours/years?

Also what was the “Mastery” system?


Doesn’t matter, the fact is a pvp game should provide an equal playing field as much as possible. I can deal with perks, but once you start rewarding stats and power from multiple sources you’re just fucking up the balance.