Level 40 Perk is "Undefined" - Post 2.0 Patch (X1)


I’m not sure if this was the case pre-patch, but I finally leveled up to 40 and the Perk listed was “Undefined”.

Has anyone else seen this pre/post 2.0 Patch?

If this is glaringly obvious…please ignore me. :smile:


I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. :smile:
Do you have a screenshot?


Waiting for the vid to upload. :smile:


Same happened to me.



Did you hit 40 before or after 2.0?


That looks like the Armour Regen Speed perk. Don’t know why it’s ‘undefined’.


After, I was 39 when the patch dropped.


I think that just means you reached the maximum level cap. And because there are no more perks it’s just undefined.


That’s what I assumed, that perhaps it was a placeholder, but wanted to get a confirmation from others.


There’s no doubt that it’s a place holder, considering the devs said they would raise the level cap one day.


Welp in that case, gonna close this down. Cheers!