Level 3 wraith & power relay defense tips


Looking for any tips that I may have slighted to give my hunters an advantage or tactics to level the playing field some when a wraith hits stage 3.

My clan got lucky once but we seem to consistently lose and I’ll receive any tips.


which team are u using? the most effective way would be cabot+markov for the mines and dmg amp


Set traps. Use Markov Maggie and Cabot for dmg amp.


Its not that hard tbh.Wraith is the easiest monster to die even at Stage 3.Unless okay if he got an elite sloth and has +35% dmg then it hurtsxD

And as Optik is saying what team do you ussualy run?


Markov I think is the best assault for defense relay fighting Wraith with mines, for support I usually use Hank for shield projector as Wraith stage 3 damage is huge and once it set target most of them died in less then 30 sec especially on supernova mode. Wraith player usually target support or medic 1st in defense so helping your medic with Shield projector also help your team put more damage to the wraith while busy finishing your other hunters.

Orbital barrage damage not so bad too if you know when the time to use it. Val tranquilizer, Abe stasis grenade, and Maggie trap works too.

Bucket also nice for defense relay, most of the time monster player not really care about drones while there still hunters shooting at them, deploy close to Markov mines is the best and can lure monster there when you are being targeted.

for medic all quite pretty same with me, the most surviving medic I try against Wraith is definitely Lazarus, but Lazarus devices have weaknesses first long cool down second it can’t revive your team when there’s no corpse anymore so once Wraith player know there’s Lazarus on the hunters team after killing the hunter they will eat the corpse 1st so Lazarus can’t revive. But if I have to choose I will choose Caira then Val. Hope that helps.


Keep your eyes peeled not to get abducted. Like on Fusion plant - don’t take your chances and peek out of the building. On more open maps, I guess, find cover and stick to it - keep the fuel to dodge the abduction. When defending the relay, you should have a plan on where to kite the Monster when it comes. Stage 3 fights are all about kiting and staying organized when it comes to movement. For example, on Dam, it’s usually a bad idea to fight Goliath right next to the relay. Go to the left of it instead and climb the poles, they are evenly spread out and force melee monsters to focus one target and risk falling all the way down to the ground level.
[Stage 3 Engagement started][2]
[Stage 3 Engagement ended][1]
I was shocked when we actually beat him because our pugteam had some terrible sloppy play. We owed 2 strikes to wildlife and let the monster stage to 3 with very little health loss.
[1]: http://i.imgur.com/R5Rkv0u.jpg
[2]: http://i.imgur.com/5T5QoP5.jpg


As a wraith player i can tell you what annoys me most is val’s tranq. it hinders wraith’s potential so much. learn to spam that and it should help the already slowed down stage 3 form of wraith.


Sorry I should have posted that.

Generally all around (since we never know the monster till after the fact) we run as:

  1. Markov (myself) with tier 2 stars, I’m very mine reliant and electric gun.
  2. Caira our splash healer
  3. Cabot or the robot
  4. the Australian trapper


The first time he goes after medic drop orbital on your medic, A wraith player cannot really take that kind of damage. The second time something is coming up make sure to cloak before the supernova happens. Third time your medic either makes it by himself or not. Fourth time is the cyclus all over again. The key is surviving supernova. The rest is healable/shieldable.


Awesome guys I appreciate these.

Btw I’m thankful to get constructive feedback, it’s apparent the commonality of wisdom this game:forum attracts… Just my type.


What I said about kiting applies double to Wraith and her supernova - you want to escape the arena she creates asap, better plan the escape routes with your team ahead. And since you’re Markov, put mines in clusters of 2 on the routes you’ll be kiting it on(applies double to Maggie).


The best defense I’ve seen against a wraith is actually harpoon traps. If a wraith tries to abduct over one or use their explosive attack, it stops them right as they go over it. When they try to supernova, if they get harpooned, they are essentially stuck in place and have to worry about the harpoon before you, allowing you to get out of their super nova. I think it also hits cloaked wraiths, but I’d need to go test that.

Keep hitting them with harpoons and they spend most of their time trying to break them. Really limits their damage potential.


this game is pretty hard to give tips as you have to be reactive to the monster’s playstyle. but general ideas of not getting abducted is good


100% agreed and is why I always go as Val on Defend. It’s not only the Wraith, but all the Monsters that it really affects on that mode since you know pretty much where the monster is coming from and aren’t doing “run and jump” type tranquing. Not to mention that you can slow the minions down, which means you can often win the game before the first generator is down or at least have the Monster with some decent health loss.


thanks for the images