Level 3 monsters are too weak


We all know it, so let’s say it.
“Noobs let the monsters reach level 3. Yes, it happens to the professionals sometimes, but if 6 out of every 10 hunts end in the monster reaching level 3, then you are still a noob, and need to skill up.”
(Fingers crossed people won’t get butthurt and dwell on that fact, and we can stay on the actual topic)

My point is, I recently started playing again, as I’m rusty I had made the mistake of allouing a monster to reach level 3 about 4 times over the course of like the last 20 matches.
3 of those 4 times I still won anyway…
I was under the impression that level 3s suppose to be scary? Obviously, if a rusty out of shape Hunter like me could wax 3 out of 4 level 3s. They’re too weak.


Maybe they were a rusty, out of shape monster? :slightly_smiling:


Given that when Hunt 2.0 was implemented they significantly nerfed Stage 3 and buffed Stage 1 by only a miniscule amount, yes, it is stupidly weak.

Stage 3 is no longer scary, it has very little to no benefits over Stage 2.

Monsters are hardly a threat at Stage 3, regardless of skill. Have a bad and a good Monster go Stage 3 against good teams, both are highly likely to lose. Have the good Monster stay Stage 2 and he has a significantly larger chance.


my reason to going stage three is if im really committed to a fight and kinda just wanting to drag it out cause im fighting one of the few competent teams there are is just for the extra 2-3 bars of health and armor.


I just think blanket statements like “stage 3 monsters are weak” are silly. A stage 3 anything with full armour and health should be a fairly equal match for even a competent hunter team. A stage 3 monster that has built a strike on the medic and assault (as a specific example for no reason) and has full armour and health should have no problem winning. A stage 3 monster that has been hounded all game, hasn’t built strikes, and so is coming to the relay against fully set up and healed hunters with only half health or worse is likely to lose unless a mistake is made.

This is how it generally is in game, IMO people are focusing on the wrong issue because stage 3 isn’t weak inherently in the slightest, how it gets there makes it weak.


The problem is that stage 1 monsters are too weak, and the damage increases they did to make stage 1 fighting “viable” aren’t enough because they only increased damage, not utility. Thus, its much harder to get downs stage 1 because the radii/reach of most abilities is shortchanged.


Exactly, I’d much more actively engage with and agree with a discussion that centred on the fact that monsters caught at stage 1 need to be lucky enough to be in an awful hunter dome and be on point with mitigation to be able to take full advantage of their stage 2 and consequently stage 3 advantages. Stage 3 monster levels are not the area of the game that needs to be solved.

Edit: Also the fact that hunters that don’t catch a stage 1 monster are severely handicapped unless they can get a genuinely good dome on a stage 2 monster, it’s a two way issue that I’m looking forward to seeing the solution for in the next update


For the most part I agree. Stage 3 monsters do need a buff so that hunters do not have an incentive to camp the relay for a fair fight. At that point, if the hunters decide not to chase, it should be monster favored.


In that instance stage 3 would be strong. But a monster who’s done that and stuck with stage 2 could win no problem too, but without being a huge target. Also at that point, the hunters are basically weak instead of the monster being strong.

Now imagine a FT3 situation type monster, no health lost and full armor at Stage 3, and the hunters have no strikes and are set up at the relay. You’d THINK that the monster would still have some form of advantage. Nope. Don’t really know why, stage 3 is kinda the goal of the monsters, right next to killing the hunters. Now I’m not saying stage 3 is a huge disadvantage because of more abilities and increased damage. But all that for the hunters setting up and you becoming a huger target? It almost sucks having to go stage 3. I wish it was the powerhouse that it used to be, but if it were like that then FT3 will be prevelant again. And its either that, or semi weak stage 3.


They do, except for where there are particularly “bad” relays, an issue the devs have acknowledged and have said they’ve been working on in terms of resolving terrain problems and (possibly separately) making roaching less of a viable way to stay alive for so long.

I thoroughly reject the notion that a monster with 9 ability points, full armour, and full health isn’t a power house.

Again, stage 3 monsters aren’t the issue, other things in the game are, and they are thankfully being looked at :slightly_smiling:


The thing that annoys me the most is that people are wanting even and balanced fights between stage 3 monsters and the hunters, when the whole point of evolving is power escelation. Remember that old chart and ad about the monsters and their power levels? It went kinda like this.

Stage 1: Weaker than hunters.

Stage 2: Even with the hunters

Stage 3: Monster is now stronger than the hunters.

That was the escelation this game was built on, now with the stage 3 nerfs the power change is off. Stage 2 is still roughly even with the hunters, but stage 3 is weaker again due to poor damage scaling, and the all too prevalent relay cheese coupled with the monster being a bigger target. Stage 3 doesnt feel like a monster, it feels like a target.

My team’s reaction to the stage 3 evolve should NOT be “phew thats a relief.”


good thing TU09 and TU10 are suppost to make stage 3 more dangerous while removing Ft3


i feel so fat and slow when i’m stage 3…lool


You are ^^


You only feel like a fat and weak monster if you didnt get an strikes.

FT3 monsters should lose.


Then hunters can just camp the relay and win 24/7.



I will get downs against them then.

I know where they are at.

But they wont see me coming

'Cause Im Gorgon, Baby.

I have won against a couple relay campers at stage 2. Its no different from Arena mode


How so?

10 chars


I bet they are gonna make hunter strikes a requirement to evolve.


I can’t agree more. Stage 3 is just super weak. I would LOVE if Evolve reverted back to the old concept.

Stage 1: WEAK, lower than hunters

Stage 2: Equal as hunters

Stage 3: Stronger than hunters.

Maybe adjust the stamina recharge but thats how it should be in my opinion. That was the original concept of this game but they changed it…