Level 1 Hunter Perk


Simple Suggestion:

Change the very first perk any Hunter gets with “Health Regen”. My reasoning for this is because at level 1 in the progression system you start with “Jump Height” at max level, now as many know JH is pretty garbage in reality given the (not so) new momentum system and I personally feel that Hunters enjoy having more control over their characters which JH certainly does not give.
Furthermore, HR helps early game medics that haven’t learned healing priority or even how to heal properly. Thus I believe that changing the starting perk from “Jump Height 3” to “Health Regen 3” would greatly benefit the community.

As a whole I feel it’ll only help new players and I suggest that this take effect as soon as TU09.


Jump height is life.
@Jayrob2k72 Jump Height.


Would definitely help pubs.

Gonna tell him now. :stuck_out_tongue:


This assumes that perks will have to be unlocked in TU09, or how many are unlocked if you still need to unlock some.


Perks will still have to be, otherwise there’s literally no use for the progression system.


That’s only accurate assuming they haven’t reworked progression altogether, which isn’t out of the scope of possibility.

In any case, all Hunters are getting automatic HR in next next MP so I think this change would be a lot less important considering they won’t stack. If we weren’t getting auto-HR, then I’d agree fully, but we are getting it so it would be kinda pointless to change it to this now.

With us getting the HR, I think Damage Reduction is another good place to start. It’s a nice big cushion and certainly helps everyone on the team.


Jump Height is pretty decent on Val and Emet tho


I agree it would be a good idea but completely unnecessary considering the title update gives all hunters health regen regardless of perks. At least thats what I have read.


I always use JH as medic. With momentum, you can get an almost horizontal boost.

It’s handy for getting up on ledges though without Jetpack, but I agree about your HR m idea.