Level 1 again?


Wasn’t it stated that whatever we unlock in the beta, will be transferred over to the full game for Xbone users? I don’t have any of the skills leveled up, nor is my level what it was in the beta. I do have the foreground emblems unlocked, but not the background.

I also read that there is a day one patch that is 3gb, but I didn’t have the option to download, unless it downloaded before the release.

Kinda bummed about not keeping the unlocks, but hopefully TRS is working on it, if it a **** up.


Just character unlocks, if you signed into my2k


What ginge said character unlocks not levels and perks.


Okay, I can dig it. It will be fun to unlock everything again, the game is just too damn amazing.


I like your attitude


What I am having an issue with is that I had bought the Digital Deluxe Edition and I had thought that the Behemoth was going to be part of it. Not only that but when they stated that everything unlocked through progressive play, which I would assume was all of the profile icons, characters, monsters, etc would be available at the launch.

I mean, yes this game has been amazing since big alpha, and I have been with it this long, but damn I was so looking forward to trying out the behemoth or trying to finish out getting some more icons and accolades.

Oh well, I will have to assume the progression with each thing now ties to achievements hence the wipe of levels and statistics, and the behemoth is going to be a ways off due to tweaks and finalizations.

Either way, there are a lot of hunters needing their corpses chewed on and a lot of days I have maniacly craved to be the one doing it on a regular basis.

Look out hunters, I am watching you…