Lets Thunder strike a kraken!


So I have been thinking about Lennox, she is one of my favourite assults in the game but people are scared to play with her because of krakens.

I understand certain hunters are weak against certain monsters but Lennox has a huge weakness to kraken unlike any other hunter to monster relationship!

I personally like jump height or jetpack perks to help with this but it isn’t enough, I was thinking Lennox thunder strike could use a tweek, maybe being able to trigger the explosion mid air or having it detonate withen proximity to the monster like buckets rockets

I would love to hear how everyone would deal with Lennox vs kraken!


If you really would like Kraken vs Lennox, I would say make full use of her autocannon and thunder strike with a couple of lance hits whenever kraken goes aftershock.

You can create a comp specifically around Lennox with Tech Sgt Hank, Caira and Jack.
Tech sgt hank for constant reshields + laser that will follow Kraken around and Caira for her great self heal and the use of speed boost to really juke things out. Jack can help to force the Kraken on the ground a bit longer so your lance can have more effect.

Thing is with Kraken, whenever you get focused, the trick is to stay under it.


I like the thinking! I have seen Cabot and Lennox making a great combo and I like Abe/ crow for keeping a kraken grounded (also Jack when he was able to bring a kraken down)


The AA + headshots. Just aim for the head and he will fall. Try to be on high ground and thunder strike.

Cabot is great!


I do wish thunderstrike worked like leapsmash in the fact you can hit a vertical surface


I think Lennox is fine against Kraken personally. The AA cannon does good damage at long range and the plasma lance works well when Kraken gets close to focus on someone. Not to say that im against this change though.


I’ll take Increase Dmg for a perk as Lennox if I think I’ll be facing a Kraken. Gives Autocannon that extra edge of dmg.