Lets talk wildlife buffs


So in game buffs have always been an interesting topic for me.

I prefer to make an agreement with my opponents for “no buffs” but most of the time hunters “accidentally” grab something :frowning:

When we do play with buffs I find it frustrating that I can’t stop hunters from grabbing a buff in the middle of a fight and as playing hunters I have to “camp” a buff when all four of us have it so that the monster can’t get it

I had some thoughts about how I would address these issues:

  1. When all 4 hunters grabbed a buff it can’t be taking by the monster (maybe the whole corpse would disappear).
  2. A animation (like reviving people) be used to grab buffs so that way monsters can stop buffs being picked up in a fight and no more “accidentally” picking up buffs when we agree “no buffs”.
  3. Maybe lowering the chances of buffs spawning in so buffs aren’t guaranteed in every game or maybe buffs spawn throughout the game instead of right in the beginning.

What do you guys think? How would you change the buff system? I would love to hear everyone’s opinions :smiley:


Remove Buffs from the Game!


I hear the devs want to keep them to add another layer of strategy to the game


I’d rather have basic buffs appear from stage 1 and 2, but stage 3 has the larger wildlife with the unfair buffs. This way if monster is low on hp they can grab HR, and if hunters are losing, they can go grab DR/D.


I like the buffs and do think they add strategy for a match. It sucks when a monster has one when youre a hunter and vice versa. I agree though, need to change how theyre aquired which would make a huge difference in the game


I’ve never seen the “strategy” in the Hunters randomly coming across an elite Mammoth Bird or Obisidan Grub that will make their Hank or Sunny even more unbearable, but whatevs.

If they want to keep these buffs in the game so bad, balance dat shit.


I’m curious about what the devs have planned for TU09:


Been suggested before and I’ve argued it before.

This would be a bad change primarily because:

  • Hunter strategy is removed.
  • It’s ridiculously unfair for Monsters.

This is more fair but it forces Hunters to fall behind. They’ll say it’s unfun to fall behind (just look at UAV) and they’ll request they change it. This would just be a toxic change for both teams, primarily Hunters.

Not to mention adding more animations is time consuming.

  • Buffs already occasionally don’t spawn AFAIK. Not frequently but it’s possible.

  • Making them spawn early is Monster-favored. Making them spawn late is Hunter favored.



I can deal with most of the buffs, but I CANNOT deal with the monster having slow buff and feeding speed.

Makes it an easy win.


Yes, the devs have plans to rework buffs to be fairer, but they definitely don’t want to remove them from the game. They would like, if anything, to make buffs something that could be used in competitive play. I agree with them on this aim and hope they’ve found a solution that moves towards that goal!


the only buff i see as “op” is the speed buff. get it with the wraith and it is IMPOSIBILE to beat. (unless you have kala now)


If you are the one setting up a custom game you can select an option to remove elite wildlife. Often times I have done that and removed mastery bonuses, makes for interesting game play. Not sure if you can turn off individual Monster/Hunter perks though.


Try facing pretty much any monster with CDR, or Goliath or Behemoth with Damage buff. Then there’s the slow speed buff for hunters on a CC heavy team. There are some real doozies out there.


Love the feed back! but why would it be toxic to add something like a 4 sec animation to grab buffs? It’s not like the uav which can put bucket behind for almost a min


Adding an animation like that (I.e four to five second animation) for something that previously didn’t need an animation would just tick Hunters off. Especially since if on a chase those five seconds to grab the buff can mean a lot. People generally won’t enjoy having to fall back for whatever reason (hence previous wildlife nerf requests and such).

I just don’t think it’ll do much good to allow Hunters to deny a Monster buffs either since they’d be “consuming” it. Especially since it would remove strategy of “We can stop him from getting the buff or chase him and risk him getting it.”

I do believe though they need changing to some degree.
I once made a suggestion where depending on the meat of a buff that many Hunters could have it (I.e Cool down = 3 Hunters; Capacity = 1 Hunter; etc.)


Right now monsters can deny buffs out of combat by eating it hunters can deny buff in combat by shooting

I just wanted a way for both hunters and monster can stop buffs at all times


Hunters can deny buffs by camping the corpse. Only difference is one requires more invested time and I believe that’s how it should be.


Usually we’ll lead a couple reavers to the elite buff corpse so they’ll hopefully eat it by the time the Monster may want to go for it.


Buffs would be fine in this game if they didnt last for 1/4 of the round.

It’s always a fun experience running past a 4 meat albino and having to waste time killing it or not fight for the next 5 minutes.


I’m in favour of removing buffs in their current state but I’m not against keeping them if they can be made fair for both sides. I feel like the buffs that cause the most problems (Capacity, reload, damage bonus, damage resist, health regen and possibly even poison bullets) need to be less effective, harder to get and have a shorter duration.

As well as that I would like to see a cast/deploy time (think of Jack’s Beacon/Respawn Beacon/Laz Device) added for the Hunters to pick up buffs so that there is some counter-play for the Monster during a fight, rather than having the Hunters completely deny buffs in a dome whilst they all run in and pick it up.