Lets talk wildlife buffs! (Poll Closed)


Now that people are learning where the wildlife spawns, there has been a fair outcry from the community about how powerful the buffs are in addition to noting that the Monsters get a head start in the maps and have the opportunity to get them first. I wanted to go over a few ideas we were considering, along with noting what it would take for each and see what you all though.

  • De-tune Buffs to match Perks (next micropatch)
  • De-tune Buffs by roughly 50% but keep them more powerful than Perks (next micropatch)
  • Delay the spawn times so both teams are in-game before they spawn (possibly next micropatch)
  • Make a big deal out of them on the UI and have them spawn predictably (a later title update)
  • Make the wildlife stronger, faster, more time consuming and risky to kill (next micropatch)


The quickest and easiest thing to do is adjust the tuning on these. Originally they were designed to be game changers but we get that they can be unfair at the moment. It’s very easy to tone them down. How much is a good question. Since Buffs overlap Character Perks, we thought it might make sense to drop the Buff values down to match the Perk values. The theory being that picking up a Buff is sort of like temporarily having two character perks. The downside to this is that if I already have the jump height character perk and I pick up the jump height buff, nothing will change. The values do not stack, the greater value is taken, so there will be times when you get a buff and it doesn’t matter. This type of change could be added to the next micropatch and see release within a two week period.

Additinally, we could keep the Buffs more powerful than the Perks but still bring them down a notch. Currently Buffs are typically 2x the equivalent Perk. We could go for something like +50% instead of +200%.

Delay the spawn times

We could change the spawn rules to make the Elite creatures more fair. Have them spawn at some point during the round instead of at the start of the game. So the Elite Tyrant might spawn into the game at minute 7. He might always spawn at minute 7, or we might be able to make it spawn on a random timer - like a value between 3 and 10 minutes. The advantage here is that this is easy to do. We could probably try something like this in the next micropatch and both teams would have a fair shot at getting the Elite. The disadvantage is that you could still get randomly lucky. We could just happen to be by the Tyrant pool when the Elite Tyrant spawns so the roll was in our favor. People don’t like random so much, so onto the next option.

Make them a bigger feature

We could make the Elite wildlife spawns predictable, reliable and build new HUD elements to communicate clearly to both teams. So we could have the Elite Tyrant spawn at the same spot in the same map at minute five every time. And the HUD would notify all players saying something like “Elite Tyrant spawns in 60 seconds”. A marker could be added to both team’s minimaps so all players could know where the Tyrant was going to spawn and they’d both have time to get there. As soon as it spawned the HUD notification could change saying “Elite Tyrant has spawned” and the minimap marker would become solid and would stay there until the Tyrant perk was gone. The advantages here are that it becomes strategy for both teams. If I am a weak monster, I might choose to stay out in the forest trying to stage up while the Hunters wait for the Tyrant to spawn. Or the Hunters might choose to press their advantage and abandon the Tyrant giving me the opportunity to sneak back around and get it. The disadvantage is that if both times show up to fight over it, there are differences that make it unfair. Hunters can pick up the perk with a single button press. Monsters have to eat it. But Hunters can’t get rid of the corpse. If the monster eats it, the corpse is gone. This would also be new code, new UI elements, new audio, localization, etc. It would need to be rolled into a future title update and would realistically be a month or two away.

Make them stronger

One last thought we had. What if the Elite wildlife were made tougher? What if they could run faster, hit harder and had more health. The thought being that they take more investment from either team. More risk. We tried this early on in development and new players would always get smashed/wiped by them so we backed off. But that was before Elites had the stars and were called out so clearly. Maybe people would learn to avoid fighting them if they weren’t ready to take them on. This could also be combined with adjusting the values.

So these are the options that I see at the moment. Curious to hear what you all think. What would you do? :smile:

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Would this effect ALL buffs, or just the ones that people consider too strong? I.E. Damage reduction, Damage increase, Cooldown Reduction etc… ?


Not sure. Open to discussion. Also the tuning I threw out was just ballpark. We can bring some down and some up if we want to. I wanted to focus on the higher level ideas first, then we can figure out what the values should be.


I like the idea of matching them with the perks. That way they don’t feel OP but just a buff.

(EDIT) Also, I would love to see a future hunter that has a gun that can decompose the wildlife’s bodies so that they can deny the monster a buff like he can by eating it. And can also deplete the monsters food source. Maybe a dart that speeds up the decomposition or he would have to sit and take a bit of time melting the corpse away.


I like the idea of making them stronger, however would it also be possible to scale it back for early level play? so if, say, all 5 players were under level 10 they would spawn in with the current values instead of the stronger values?

I’m only asking out of concern for new players, since i’m already 40 and such xD


I’m slightly torn. I feel reducing the biggest offenders could work, however, I also like the idea that buffs ‘phase in/spawn’ depending on the stage of the Monster. So if the Monster just hit stage 3, the Hunters could gamble to get the new buff or head to the relay. The latter sounds like fun, but what is on paper and what works could be completely different.

I also toyed with the idea that the buffs are only as strong as the monster is. So the Damage increase would only be 15/20% at stage 1, then at stage 2 it would be 20/25 etc… This would go in effect for both parties. However, like the other option it sounds like a pain to code and/or might not even work out in reality :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d like to see them remain strong (to make secondary objectives matter as they do now) but maybe delay the spawn to prevent stage one cheese. Possibly make the albino wildlife stronger too, so that there can be a little more decision making if such wildlife appears.

I am not a fan of making elite wildlife buffs identical to perks - I feel there should be some incentive to kill an elite wildlife with a redundant buff other than to deny the monster/hunters.


I like making the elite wildlife tougher. Seems fitting for the elite ones and working harder to get that buff makes it seem pretty fair.



The tuning one is my favorite (got my vote too) easy to adjust per micro-patch, fair for both sides. Just make sure that you tone down the strong buffs (CDR for monster, jetpack/traversal recharge, damage buff/reststance and health regen for the monster).

I’d like to see a combination of tuning the buffs down and making them spawn later into the game. Another idea that might work is to not let them spawn if a hunter or the monster is in 150/200M proximity of them. That way, there is less chance of just ‘bumping’ into them right as they spawn. This will create less akward situations of creatures popping out of thin air as well.

A big, BIG adjustment I’d like to see, is giving the hunters the ability to deny the monster elite buffs. Right now, the monster can so easily deny buffs with his head-start and the fact that he only has to eat the corpse completely. While the hunters are at the mercy of the long decay time of the bodies (or the rare occasion where a Reaver eats the corpse). Nothing more frustrating to see the monster get the damage buff that you just killed only because you don’t have line of sight over him for a second.


I don’t really know how to vote or actually like any of the given choices, I know they need to be tuned but I think there is a vocal minority that is blowing things out of proportion.


I voted for stronger wildlife, means the monster cannot just get a quick stage 1 kill on the hp tyrant/sloth.


^This 10CHAR


The problem with this, is Kraken can just pluck it from the air without risk :frowning: Or have Wraith use Decoy.


How about making Hyde’s flamethrower do this? It is already quite a weak gun for an assault, this will give it some intresting utility.


Still makes it harder, and kraken’s air attack is… awfull, to say the least, and should he use abilities to try and get the buff down faster, the hunters will notice :wink:


plus nothing at all would be wrong with a burning animation…

everyone loves burning >:)


But people already do this with the buffs as is. Having to spend a couple more seconds for a buff is pretty Managable :stuck_out_tongue:


…you think. Every second matters in this game my dear cow.


True, but generally losing a few seconds from your feeding route at the start is worth the Stage 1 dome perk.