Lets talk trapper W/ ArcticStorm321



 Scroll to the (A) at the bottom for my straight forward suggestion for abe, the rest of the text is why i think this would be a cool little twick to abe overall making him more viable in more competitive settings.

Evolve as we know it has 4 current trappers, maggie, griffin, abe, and crow. they all track the monster in different ways, maggie with daisy, griffin with sound spikes, abe with tracking darts, and crow with gobi. now take a moment to think, which trapper would you choose 4th, it would probably be abe, why is that? lets talk about it.

~daisy constantly keeps tabs on the monster, no where to run, no where to hind, which forces the monster to Run.
~sound spikes keeps a monster sneaky, you can hide, but you cant run, which forces a monster to sneak.
~gobi keeps a monster turning, constantly avoiding straight and open areas, which forces a monster to zig-zag.
~tracking darts keeps tabs on the monster, like daisy, and prevents sneaking, like sound spikes, and forces a monster to zig-zag, like gobi, but the only draw-back is, the monster knows when the tracking dart is inactive.

maggie, griffin, and with the exception of crow, doesnt really notify the monster when they are begin tracked. the other three trappers give the monster hints that they are tracked, which is what abe is lacking, making him the least used trapper.

how could we fix this, making his tracking dart more “hint like” to fit the other trappers. I suggest making the tracking dart notification for the monster last only 1/4th of the time of the actual tracking duration. In my opinion, this will make abe more like the other trappers, which all only give visual or audio hints that the monster is being tracked. On the other hand, informing the monster when he has been hit with a tracking dart, but not informing the monster on whether or not the tracking dart has wore off. I honestly dont think that this would break the game, but make for a more interesting match up for pub and competitive gameplay. Sorry about the paragraph :slight_smile:

(A) : I suggest making the tracking dart notification duration for the monster last only 1/4th of the time of the actual tracking duration. The monster knows when he is hit with dart, doesnt know when dart has worn off.


I suggest a visual only que. Have it ping out a bright red flash in intervals when working and make a shutting down sound when running out of juice. MUCH more immersive than the “You have been tagged” notification…


I believe that if the tracking dart was less pro active at informing the monster that it is tracked, it would make Abe extremely more strategic to play with and against.


There is no need for the hints to even show up for when you are stasis or tranq’ed. It makes the game less immersive in my opinion.


But it would give Hunters a RIDICULOUS advantage.


Abe’s alright as is I think.


Abe is perfectly fine as he is though…

The other trappers have tracking systems that are often better. He’s a late game trapper.


he has to much handicap on his tracking i feel. wheni dart a monster they shouldnt know exactly when to start sneaking to avoid the second dart, they just need to be notified that they were hit by the dart. when i get hit by the tracking dart, all i do is run until the nticifation goes away then i sneak away, plus its hardenough for abe to locate the monster to begin with. i think abe needs this, really i do. its time to see more than maggie in tournaments.


by the way daisy has tons of benifits, she can by time for drop ship, revive hunters, reveal sneaking monsters, and constantly put pressure on a monster. tracking darts dont, the scale is just tipped to heavily, and i think a small thing like notifying the monster when he is darted is enough, he will have to predict when the dart maybe has worn off. im sure it wouldnt break the game haha


Okay, let’s make the notifier time 1/4 of the current without changing the duration. Then what? Experienced monsters already know how long a tracking dart lasts (45-50 seconds depending on the masteries, as long as my memory doesn’t fail me), and can roughly evaluate how much time is left on the TD after they have been hit and ran away. So your proposed tweak will not actually change anything.


Abe is my favorite :stuck_out_tongue:


I really disagree with this. Abe’s tracking lasts 40 seconds (i think). I main as Goliath and let me tell you that those 40 seconds feel like an eternity. Not only that, but in those 40 seconds you should probably have darted him again resetting the timer. Plus, a good team will not allow a monster to get away and sneak after those 40 seconds. You have 4 players in your team. That means that if you properly spread out you can cover a huge area. So even if the dart runs out, you should still have a very good idea of where the monster is.

Also, Maggie will not be replaced anytime soon in tournaments. Her kit is way too good. Daisy zones in on the monster and revives ppl. And her traps are the best (IMO) defensively and offensively.


@Alexander_Levyy : it would change Abe more than you think, in competitive games Abe will keep a monster guessing postponing evolves in some cases, actually adding a more strategic feel to Abe, rewarding him for actually finding the monster early.
@ShinigamiB : I agree, you can spread out your team to cover an area better, but there is a trade off with that. Remember the monster is basically 4 hunters in one, being extremely powerful, with a spread out team vs a good monster I can tell you that you will get alot of health penalties.
Current: daisy > tracking dart
Proposed balance : daisy = tracking dart


What it’ll actually do is make the monster have to assume he’s darted even if he isn’t, which means the monster will just run for longer even if not tracked. I don’t believe this adds any strategic diversity to the game at all IMO :smile:

edit: More specifically As @Optik_rec0rds says below, monsters will tend to rush anyway if they’re god and confident. Distance and therefore time to eat is more important. And the visual notification is more of a help for those less skilled, someone who knows what they’re doing will have ways of knowing when the dart has worn off (since no new tag notification has come in) so the only people disadvantaged are the more casual players.


a good team wont run abe in the first place.

2nd good monster dont care about the tracking dart at all.

3rd a good team doesnt need tracking darts to keep up with the monster

4th abe is useless indome.


We all have come to an agreement that Maggie is a lot more valuable and more popular than Abe.
Daisy has a lot more benefits than the tracking dart (so much that it is laughable).

Maybe this is ok, maybe the community likes to see Maggie hank and Ciara dominate the player chosen rates in evolve.


Yes, its dangerous to spread out but thats why you should be careful/smart about it. There are different “formations” that a team can take. If you are going from north to south your team can spread of into a horizontal line where everyone is apart around 20~30 meters. not too close, but not too far either to break a pounce. you can also form a pyramid shape which i notice is VERY common among competitions. three hunters go upfront and the trapper stays behind. even if the monster’s dart should wear off, the three hunters should still spot him. If they dont and the monster slips past them, then the trapper who stayed behind should spot the monster and intercept him. You can also split up in pairs but not too far apart.

I understand that Daisy > Darts. But my point is that even if you did something to buff the darts, Maggie would still be a better choice because of daisy’s revives, and her trap harpoons which are better that stasis grenades.


I’d disagree with this pretty strongly, especially at the end of the game.


Can you elaborate?


cuz abes tracking dart and his pokeballs are good in the end? Kappa