Let's talk the Waggie buffs

its 15% ms, on a 15m radius, its very small.


I haven’t tested it, but I think I still prefer maggie, plus daisy is more annoying when she tries to revive downed hunters than when she’s attacking. That stupid dog thing or whatever will only be easier to bait and kill now.

I feel the new Daisy AI on Waggie have issues in path finding, it used to climb up obstacles if she can climb on it and go straight towards the monster like OG Daisy but last few matches it went around obstacles and almost led me to a wrong direction

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All you have to do is burst shoot though?

Round length: 560 seconds,
Harpoons 765 times
would that mean the monster got every 0,73 seconds a harpoon in his neck?

Maybe my calculation is wrong but this seems at first a fake to me. Is there no cooldown anymore? I dont get it!

Waggie harpoon stats are damage, not actual harpoon hits.


Ohh okay thanks, I dont play her then we have there a UI Bug.

I would be… very cautious about going that route. In the right hands, Maggie is still an absolutely infuriating PoS for the monster. I think upping her CC any more would make a lot of people very unhappy.

I personally don’t think it’d actually help, either. Stage 2 is so focused on damage, bunker comps just don’t provide enough defense anymore to justify such low output. It’s basically the dilemma with DR. Yeah you buy time, but you’re not actually doing anything to the monster, so he just wears you down until you make a mistake and then it’s game over, because you didn’t punish enough to make that strike worth it.

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There is a reason they have nerfed Maggie’s damage twice? or is it three times? already since Stage 2’s launch.

Only an idiot would auto fire her SMG. With burst timing control she piled on damage…at range! I cried when I saw the damage getting nerfed so many times :frowning:

that was actually the harpoons dmg not how many times hit

I played her on Overpowered with 3 red buffs and I had 11k pistol dmg and 11k trapjaw dmg.
My jaw dropped lol

you mean your trapJAW DROPPED the pain?


Bind shooting on your mouse wheel ( if you have turbo wheel funcion)… Me likey

Eyyy. Nice one m80.

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I manage to do this number during normal hunt against behemoth pretty easily. I fall to 16-18k against a goliath tho.

Daisy is too agile. i didnt record the vid, but she was running back and forth very quickly.

it is a very annoying thing when all the hunters go invisible with obstacles, here comes Daisy to block the view. and Daisy is so agile and quick.

Would be great to see this update on a legacy