Let's talk the Waggie buffs

Heeya folks,

So with all the attention on the AMA answers and Battle Cabot, I’d like to talk about the new Waggie changes.

After playing her for about three matches, I am really liking her. Her damage output is great. And Daisy just won’t let up on the monster!

And sure the flame-snare is not a great tool for CC, but you have to remember that the monster is somewhat forced to destroy it and take a lot of damage. While a Goliath mid-fire breath might ignore a normal harpoon trap, he most certainly wont do that with a flame trap, indirectly turning it into a more powerful from of CC.

Here’s a screenshot of the post-damage numbers. It was against a pretty decent Kelder, with three dome fights and a fair amount of chip damage.

What are your experiences with the new Waggie?


765 harpoon hits!? Holy shit!


Sure that’s harpoon damage! I cannot imagine laying down 765 poons!


I think they nailed it with this update. With damage or poison perks, I am averaging about 9k damage with her, dipping down to 7k in quick matches and going to 11k in extended ones. That’s perfect for a hard cc damage trapper, imo. It’s above E-Griff and below Crow, so I would say she’s perfect now.

The tendons in my right hand are killing me, though ;-; So much clicking


with Waggie you will be hitting more shots tho

Than Crow?

than maggie

Well yeah. Maggie’s smg has a ton of spread. Which contributes to why she is unfortunately garbage.

Finally doing 20k of damage during extended match and averaging 13k, that’s cool for a trapper who’s primary fonction is damage.

To be as effective with Maggie as Waggie, you just have to use Maggie smg like Waggie’s one by simulating burst shots. Using it taht way, Maggie out damaging Waggie by far, now it is more fair that Waggie do more damage.

lol you are still cutting down on the fire rate massively, while not having a DoT or any other form of damage. Maggie is trash, burst firing doesn’t make her viable.

She feels much better, and actually for me a lot of that comes from the harpoon throw range change. Hopefully she isn’t too over tuned with the new daisy ai.

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You’ve been doing a really good job with Maggie though Terry.

Her damage output might not be great, but I still find her CC in a good place.
Daisy also forces the monster to keep an eye on her as otherwise she will revive an incapacitated hunter.

I’d like a poll asking people’s opinion on her current balance after her buff.

I would imagine the firing spread wouldn’t matter if yr close enough to the monster

While I appreciate you saying that, I would like to say that I have likely been playing as her longer than anyone on this forum. Maggie used to be pretty much all I played. I know that particular character very well, so it would be pretty disappointing if I could not do well with her.

The problem I have with Maggie currently is the same problem I have had with Caira for a long time now: everyone does her job, but better. E-Griff locks down a monster about as hard as she does, does double her damage, and allows the team to chase. Crow and Abe both do like four times her damage while providing moderate cc constantly. Jack can utterly shit on a monster with his CC provided he has good timing, and still does more damage than Maggie.

Maggie used to be the absolute end-all of CC. No one else could compete with her ability to utterly shut the monster down with her harpoons. In Legacy, this was extremely good, because it meant mitigating was harder, and enabled bunker comps to be almost unstoppable. Because her CC was so good, she could afford to have low damage, as the comp could survive long enough to make up for it. That is no longer the case. Monsters do not mitigate anymore, pillars are almost non-existent, there is little cover for her harpoon traps due to maps being more open, and defensive comps can no longer sustain themselves against a competent monster consistently enough to justify giving up so much damage.

tl;dr Maggie’s current state would be fine in Legacy, but it does not cut it in the context of stage 2 and when compared with every other trapper. There is no reason to pick her right now.


Are u suggesting increase harpoon range maybe?

I’d love to see Maggie become the CC option again, as she arguably was in Legacy like you say. I don’t mind if she isn’t damaging all that much, the utility of Daisy revives is useful and she has always been at her most fun laying a web for the monsters with those traps.

I understand it’s a fine line and that too effective a set of harpoons can be utterly frustrating for the monster, however to some degree this should arguably be the case if we’re talking about her being the definitive CC trapper which would make her a priority target whichever team she is in.

I’d like to see the devs just shorten the arm time of the harpoons a little, see how it goes, see if it feels better to be Maggie again and go from there.

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Is the spead boost original daisy gives 20 percent? Also, how big does the radius affect


Someone said elsewhere the radius seems to be really small, like 5 meters around her?

I’d definitely like to see Daisy (not Wasteland Daisy) have a better speed boost aura. I agree with those that say it should be more of a line or a cone behind her if possible. Following her should be rewarded with being able to keep up with her.

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I would agree that Maggie was the go to trapper for CC but only for hard cc for fixed locations like the dome

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