Let's talk stress


The title is self explanatory please let me know if there is a forum like this one not any other ones like I kinda want this to take place of all the other ones so people can post their problems here and we can help solve them together no limits as long as you keep it pg if you don’t your gonna make me angry :wink:

this will be the place to talk out all your problems cause as we know talking it out always helps

Edit: also please don’t call people out we don’t one person getting a bunch of hate


alright to bump this topic I will say something that is kinda stressing me out. It seems every time I talk people always take it the wrong ways. It has stressed me so much I kinda just left the chat, and haven’t been on there for about a day, and when I try to apologize no one really seems to accept it.

Edit: in fact when I left no one said anything and one person seemed to be happy that I felt that way



Playing monster against a good team-Stressful, but rewarding because I hardly ever lose :heart:


yes that is stressful but that’s not the kind of stress we are talking about :wink: we are talking about real life problems that people don’t know how to solve


I don’t know how to solve stress while playing Evolve… That’s real life lol


yo people stress me the hell out man.
Im always looking for approval from those i meet, but im a little weird. What ends up happening is i may do something strange or say something that doesnt make much sense and get a weird look from them. It give me so much anxiety that i just want to crawl into bed and stay there for a week. I really want to be accepted by people, but its hard not to do things considered strange or weird because i find it hilarious and fun. Now people will probably tell me “o dude just be yourself and friends will find you.” and unfortunately its not all that simple. I act weird, but i dont like people who act weird. Hypocritical i know, but i cant help it. I want to be just like a regular dude who loves video games and other geeky stuff, but i cant always control my feelings of craziness,


My advice is to try to act reasonable at first. As they get to know you, gradually let your craziness out. Or do what I do.

I talk to myself as a method of determining whether the idea sounds good or not, or if I feel like I need to talk to someone who understands me, but there’s nobody around. I’m my own coach. It’s never failed me before, and I wouldn’t call myself crazy or anything. Personal habit of mine, and it works for me. The best thing to do is to seek out people who share your interests. I made most of my current friends talking about Halo and other video games. The key is to find people with common interests, even if you have to keep a bit of your true self under wraps, in your case.


sounds good to me. As the Brad Paisley song goes, Im So Much Cooler Online. (talking to new people in person is not one of my best skills lol)


Well I’m not stressed, but more like I need some long term eye bleach for this horror/comedy movie I watched a while ago, wished I never watched it.


it stresses me out when people refuse to be flexible in their beliefs or opinions. i hate when people think that being opinionated and critical of others is a virtue.

it isn’t. the goal of life, really, is to work together, and try to see life from someone else’s perspective. even if you disagree.

most of the time i make random joke posts on these forums and i wisecrack irl because people take themselves and their ego way too seriously. all of us have the same chapter at the end of our books.

anyway, tldr: people disempowering one another stresses me out, and the cynic in me sees it more than the optimist can handle.

edit: that felt really good writing that, @Maximumlimit15 thanks for the thread :slight_smile:


ahh see writing it out always helps!


people always stress me out I never really talk to people unless I feel comfortable and my mdd makes me think that people are talking behind my back my suggestion just go out and try the worst thing they can do is call you weird and I wear the word crazy and weird with pride!!


eye bleach huh never knew that existed maybe I can find some brain bleach and bleach all the bad parts away

######I wish


the movie was slither


I was soooooo stressed playing as monster I almost won against gold hunters I died by a mammoth bird.
I punched my chair repeatedly and my brother walks in my room and says " I think someone is at the door"


me niether in fact I wasn’t gonna post this as a thread but I decided maybe I can find people more like me


better answer it and hey its better to take it out on the couch than

######your brother I have a problem with that sigh


I just found a funny way to enter a forum maybe not
i can just come in and shout I am super depressed and put a rainbow above me!


ah the common rager /kappa
to solve this all you need to do IS THROW YOU CONTROLLER INTO THE TV!!!
or you can buy a punching bag and beat the crap out of it


I’ve been really damn stressed over the past month(ish) and it’s really messing me up. I’m struggling to sleep most days, I rarely have an appetite and i’m finding it hard to stay focused, which then frustrates me because I’ve got my A-Levels in a couple of months and I can’t be in this state if I want to get the grades I need. There are other stupid things too, but the lack of sleep is my main problem right now.

If anyone has any advice, I’d be grateful.