Lets talk nintendo in general!


Nintendo nintendo nintendo! The most family friendly consoles except baynetta >.>
Want to talk about the nx? Talk about it here!
Want to talk about new games like pokken? Talk about it here!
Want to talk about how nintendo was your childhood? Get a lif-I mean talk about it here!
Want to talk about how nintendo may have to shut down and it will ruin you childhood? Just don’t, no no no, don’t :sob:
and before you say put this into another post this in nintendo not pokemon!

New Birthday Thread

I personally find it amazing how Nintendo keeps rocking. Nintendo isn’t really part of any “console wars” but rather has its own public that will always buy whatever they give (although with a grain of salt, fans still want innovation rather than latest hardware, which has been proven by their success with the Wii and DS)


I hate people who hate on nintendo for not being “original” I think I heard someone say once that the wii u was a ps ripoff as the ps vita can be used as a controller and console.

It’s like come on guys they are trying so hard to keep up pretty much everything in the gaming industry has been used at least once weather it be a good idea or bad nothing is original.


my birthday is sooooo close I wonder what I will get! hopefully the pokemon new 3ds exclusive that I asked for I will die if I miss the first pokemon exclusive that I can actually get :cry:


New 3DS exclusive? You mean the mythical pokemon they have been handing out every month now?


no! even better

It’s so beautiful I am gonna die if I don’t get it :sob:


The Blue one looks so pretty. Although this looks amazing too (unfortunately Japan exclusive)


I don’t want those I am not a fan of the 2ds


besides you want a red and blue clear 2ds go buy the or/as 2ds’s



You’re right, they’re exactly the same except the colored buttons. And I would considering buying one and then swapping my 3DS XL for a New 3DS, but money is in the way (also waiting for the announcement of a new handheld portable by Nintendo [Nintendo NX], I know it is coming soon)


my nx senses are tingling I think some new news came out brb

just kidding but that’s supposed to come out near Christmas according to the news whatever the year it comes out on


And isn’t it a coincidence that it just happens to be with the release date of Pokemon Sun and Moon (although confirmed for 3DS)



I just made a thread all about nintendo lets talk there


hey @TheMountainThatRoars can you move those posts to my post I made just trying to keep stuff on topic


thanks ^.^


Amen, sure the Wii U wasn’t as popular as his predecessor, but still applaud the fact that they tried to look for a hybrid console/handheld. So far the rumors for Nintendo NX is leaving me excited, although I hope Nintendo is not going to continue with their plans of creating a possible mobile phone/handheld hybrid.

Anyways, Pokemon Go is (what I believe) going to be the companion app for Pokemon Sun and Moon where the pokemon you catch can get transferred in-game (wouldn’t that be amazing).


NOOO!!! I wan’t hoopa to do the crazy crap again :cry:


nuff said


but you just said nuff said nothing else…