Let's talk Laz for a minute


Let’s talk Laz for a moment, he’s a medic with one way to heal the team, he has a silent sniper that can’t be traced, and a glove that brings incap or dead hunters back with no strike against their health.

I play Laz as much as I can, I love him, I know exactly how to play him. I try and talk with my team (when possible because the mics sound like dying whales sometimes) and let them know when I’m ready to heal, or am going in to revive a player.
As Laz I feel it is my job to bring back incap hunters because I can make sure they don’t lose any health what so ever, so when another hunter revives another hunter before ingest he chance to, I feel I have a valued reason to be upset, even if I can’t revive an incap, I can bring them back from the dead, so long as they’re not a puddle.

Any one else have this problem playing Laz? That people don’t understand that Laz is one of the better medics because he can bring back the dead with no strike?


Playing laz in pubs is a disaster waiting to happen. You won’t run into this problem in pre-mades. I’ve been playing a lot of laz lately but I stopped after having bodies fall through the floor every 2-3 games.


Yeah I’ve had that problem on the rocks, but not as much as people not knowing that Laz can bring back incaps, I can understand if they’re new, but if you’re an elite Hank then they should know by now.


A lot of people don’t play with Laz regularly so they forget to not pick up incaps. It’s usually a genuine mistake of just following their usual instincts.

But the reason people aren’t playing with Laz so much is despite his strengths he is to easy to kill and at that point the game is lost


Sometimes having another hunter do a manual pick up IS the best thing to do. The monster can be so focused on downing/chasing/getting laz, that laz may not ever actually GET the chance to get the pick up (and probably wont be looking for someone doing a manual pick up). If youre going to get a strike, you might as well get a strike and NOT deal with 2+ minute drop ship trip.

Not saying this is what happened here-

Just saying, you shouldnt ALWAYS get mad at a manual pick up. Context is required. Sometimes its the right, and best choice.


There have been a few instances where I decided to pick someone up even though we had a laz. This may sound conceited, but based on my own experience I can figure out if our laz is gonna be incapable of getting a rez in time, usually based on how well he did in previous domes and if yhe monster already knows his position. Having a teammate with a strike is better than losing your entire team trying to protect a laz and having to wait through the timer anyway.