Lets Talk: Hunt 2.0

Monster variety:
So I’m on Xbox and I’ve played roughly 17 matches. 3 Goliaths, 2 Behemoths, 12 Krakens.

Skill based MM:
During my placement matches I was with a friend, and we were matched with lower skilled individuals, but also matched against veteran monsters contantly. 7/10 of my placement matches were against Kraken (1 was Behemoth, 2 were Goliath) usually with a less than average Assault, and Medic, meaning my friend and I had lost the match. We didn’t find a decent team until we had finished around 7 or 8 matches in, and from there we won the next 2 matches. Then the game decided to rip apart the lobby.

I am Bronze Destroyer now, and I am constantly matched with “Determining Rank” players who are usually average or below. Pair this with normally a Silver monster whom has gone nearly perfect. This makes for a not-so-fun grind that I’m not sure will pay off.

I’m not sure if I just constantly get unlucky with low skill hunters, and a veteran monster, or if the game just doesn’t want me to to get out of Bronze.

Anyone else having the issue(s)?

P.S. Kraken is annoying as all hell right now…

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Just get a group of friends together and easily go through the ranks stomping out Monsters.

Issue is player base .
Not much you can do about it

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that is a workaround but not a solution. the new matchmaking shouldˋt pair silver monster with bronz hunters or vice versa that makes the whole new system obsolete

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The issue isnt really Silver monsters, since most are average due to low skill in pubs. My problem is being Bronze Destroyer, matched with Undetermined hunters, and a Silver Monster. There are plenty of Bronze monsters and hunters at this point, so why I’m matched with undetermined and silvers, no idea. The problem I have is really just I get all of the undetermined average players, and seemingly veteran monsters.

Veteran monsters just chew through average players, so at this point I feel I wont be able to get to a rank that suitably fits my actual skill level, or even get out of Bronze. Unless I get extremely lucky, since I dont have many friends that play this game.

But on the topic of Bronzes getting matched with Silvers, I’m right there with you. Shouldn’t happen at all.

I’d be happy to see ranked mode gone along with the new seperate groups for monsters and hunters!

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Playing hunter now is just pointless. You can’t win placement then you get stuck in bronze with the same idiots that stopped you from winning placement and you never get out

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I’ve noticed several times during thebprematch loading that player names will plash with a bronze or silver badge prior to disappearing and showing Determining Rank.

I imagine that the determining rank phase has people in divisions before officially assigning one. So maybe the unranked people matches with ranked people are tentatively “pre-bronze” or “pre-silver”.

Or maybe it’s just broken until everyone gets ranked. Who knows.

On the monster side, I’ve had one day of fairly even matches and one day of pubstomps. The first evening my placements definitely accelerated in difficulty, up until the point where I was playing LCS teams and TRS employees. The next day I played in the afternoon instead of the evening and it was one uncoordinated mix after another. I’ve had about 6 “+1 point” victories in a row, which stings a bit after losing 60 points against a coordinated team. Can’t imagine most of those poor hunt teams are happy about it either.

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Penalty for losing as monster is at the moment total BS IMO

You never fight your own division, had two game crashes take me from silver master to low placed silver expert and just now, wonderful match where Goliath’s rock throw and leap smash didn’t connect despite close range and lost 43 points where only winning gave less than ten in a victory against only bronze division hunters??

4- 1 ratio of points wtf

Going off Hunt 2.0 big time at the moment.

So have gone from this…

To this…

And will need what, 10 wins to get back what I lost in 3, games?

Only fun when you’re winning right lol

*Wipes tear

Not seeing many Krakens on PC. That could be either luck, or different preferences for different systems tho.

You don’t gain much by beating lower levels than you, but if you lose, especially to lower levels, you take a bigger hit.

Stating the obvious is your Super Power huh

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Yes it happens contantly. I’m almost every time as monster get queued with hunters at lower ranks than me and trying queue as hunter very often ends fighting veteran monster with total new teammates.

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This has been my experience except I have seen very FEW krakens. Mostly wraith and Goliath.

Don’t make people READ stuff!

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