Let's talk Evacuation!


What’s up guys!

Just thought I’d open a thread to discuss the closing scenes of Evacuation, the ending in which the hunters are successful on Day 5: Defend.
As described in the upper left side of the statistics at the end it states that Cabots team fended off the monster horde to be certain that all rescued colonists escape the planet and travel to safer corner of the expanses of space. Now in this ending it would seem that none of the current 12 hunters survive this last stand. If this game is going to be set with seasons does that mean the next group of hunters will be seperate or expanding on the current story as it stands?
A different team with a different leader on another planet? New monster types and landscapes?
I could be thinking too deep into this one but seeing the current cutscenes it seems they are set specifically for this season of hunters, for example, when the new hunters are released and you complete a defend in the future as those guys will we still see the same cutscene with cabot and his group?
An interesting thought and I’d love to hear everybody’s ideas and thoughts on the matter!

Thanks, safe hunting!


idk maybe just wait untill april


I have a strange feeling these are gonna be rogue hunters or something. They play by their own rules with each other, so the dialogue between them and the current hunters will be a bit harsh. Who knows?

Maybe they’re just other “famous hunters in the galaxy”


I think they are just other famous hunters.
If they are supposed to be rogue hunters, why are they being deployed on the same dropship as the other hunters? That wouldn’t really make sense, unless they invent a separate start of match and respawn system for the new hunters but I doubt it.


If they were rogue, they could have possibly come to some sort of an agreement with Cabot. Like… Help us do this, and we’ll supply you with that.


Interesting ideas, I know or at least sceptisise that Val is from this upcoming group of Mercs as if you play as Val alongside Cabot they have a conversation that implies she is from another group of hunters and Cabot has taken her on board for this in particular mission on Shear, hidden within the dialogue of the game there are few secrets and shrouded information. Kawaii_Dumpling is on the right tracks.
I’d like to see a new story mode for these new hunters, intwined with what’s happening during the evacuation of shear!


Are you talking about dlc hunters? All dlc hunters are from the fall of shear.


That we are!
The fall of shear? So it’s an aftermath story?


Sorta. They’re from the original colonies that were destroyed.


Oh right, awesome.
This is where I was beginning to wonder as no matter if you actually win or lose with the hunters… They are overrun at the end and it implies that their death is innevitable, unless this last band of hunters join the fight just as the standing cutscene goes black.
I’m thinking story wise and how they would tie into it as it stands currently.
Multiplayer wise I can understand they’d all be running around together, evacuation, single player point of view… All the others fell during the ships escape.


I think they’re supposed to appear before the hunters implied death. It’s been stated that even after you purchase the new hunters they won’t appear in the ending cutscene.


Okay then, that clears a lot up.
I’d like to then see in the next season these upcoming hunters join in an expanded variant of Evacuation, part 2 for arguments sake.
During conversations with Caira she states that there is something bigger and more sinister laying the eggs that appears in Nest, do you think there will be a form of boss battle, a different or a continued path after defend?
Take the fight to the monsters instead of them taking the fight to you?


One can only hope…well except the devs :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m being serious now,there’ll probably be a fifth monster that is mandatory to fight if there is a part 2. Maggie knows about the egg layers so…


They could also be back up hunters that were sent by another recruiter. They could be hunters that are coming in as mercenaries to save the existing hunters. there are so many variables or ways to go with the story.


This is a gamemode I want. The Monster being the one whom has to defend the main objective. The hunters lead the assault this time.