Let's talk Destiny


so destiny another game that people said was a money scalping game like evolve what do you guys think of it?

I personally hate it now to many people saying I sound like a girl when my voice hasn’t changed in fact no one I met on evolve has made fun of meh


Don’t know where that second part came from


I loved the beta. Loved the game for about a month or two. Then realized it wasn’t what was advertised and gradually got away from it. I check it out once in a while but never stay.


I was on the destiny fanboat for ahem a while. I played with my friends and all that.
the base game i was like cool whatever if it lacks content this is fun :smiley:
The dark below: new raid cool! what $25 heh good thing I got the season pass!
Post TDB: wow all the new stuff is awesome and the gear looks nice!
The House of Wolves: yay finally! new content. What no new raid? well I can give it a try.
Post HoW: well it’s still kinda fun…
The Taken King: uhh $40? I mean this looks cool it says the story is big
Post TTK: well… the story is short but is cool. The new gear is nice they kinda got rid of my favorite armor… and I can’t upgrade it to be viable either…

I soon left I played halo 5 and it wasn’t my style then I remembered oh hey evolve
I played evolve on solo for a bit and fell in love with it

and @ROOST_er the second part well. When I played destiny the community wasn’t so nice I barely made friends from there, and was told I sound like a girl for my voice even though I was pretty good (and it still hasn’t changed :frowning: ). I was kinda scared to see the evolve community I didn’t talk at first then a couple days later I got my mic and started talking. I have only met one person who was mean in evolve so far and thats the thing it’s surprising for an online game there is a lot of people who are willing to help unlike cod destiny etc


I played the hell out of that game. But I had serious issues with how there was no offline modes, even on Single player. I’d pause it to do something, come back, and find my self at the main menu. Worst was dealing with bosses that would take forever to kill. Over 800 HP head shots, one hour later, and my team still couldn’t kill some of them.


Destiny is the worse case of DLC to date. The Taken King actually removed content before selling it back as part of the DLC. They took out entire strike missions and playlist options, while they combined Clash and Control, demanding that you pay them if you only want to play one of those.

In short, Destiny went beyond removing content from the game and selling it as day 1 DLC, they removed content from the game you already bought and had the audacity to sell it back.


I was reading the header so quick so I thought it said: ‘‘Let’s talk dirty’’ lol


I like the combat and the perk/skill system. Hate the repetitiveness. I’m not going to play the same mission over and over with different dialogue, piss off, Bungie.

If they actually put effort into the story and not just copy and pasted missions split up by unnecessarily long and unskipable (until recently, I think, unless only a few are skipable… Not sure, I sold mine ages ago) cutscenes that I don’t feel apart of because before and afterwards and I don’t do anything that seems related, bar a few cases.

Not a fan.


I love Destiny. The first couple months or so of TTK were absolutely fantastic. The sheen has been wearing off as of late so I’m retreating to Evolve and SFV for now but there’s a nice content update coming up soon. Should be good :smiley_cat:


Eh, it’s ok.


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