Let's Talk Behemoth Fixes


So as it stands right now, Behemoth still needs a good bit of work. Make no mistake, he’s fun as hell to play and fight against, and so far he seems pretty reasonably balanced so long as both sides know what they’re doing. But he has a couple of kinks that need working on to make things just right.

First off, the latest patch changed things to prevent Heavy-Melee Roll Spam. While changes to prevent this may have been needed, they we’re implemented in a way that severely crippled the Behemoth’s ability to evade. The change itself prevents Behemoth from rolling for 3 seconds after he does a heavy melee attack. This makes backing out of combat feel finicky and unresponsive, which is a terrible feeling to have when in the middle of an intense fight. A far more appropriate change would be to straight up prevent the ability to heavy melee after a roll for three seconds after using a heavy attack. It would also be within the best interests of the game designers to think carefully about what what changes they make to prevent exploits so they don’t wind up gimping a character’s biggest strengths as a result.

It’s also well known that Rock Wall frequently spawns with holes in it due to the ability being casted too close to the monster. The third person camera makes it difficult to judge the location the rock wall will appear due to your own model blocking the view, so creating the wall to close to you is an all too common accident. I would suggest implementing a minimum distance that the rock wall is capable of spawning at, so that no matter where it appears it never actually intersects with the Behemoth.

Any other major issues with Behemoth of this nature that anyone wants to discuss?


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