Let's talk balance


People, over the last 48 hours have been complaining in droves about the monsters and hunters all being OP.
Evolve has been worked, and re worked. It’s fine, there are a few touch ups to make but it’s all within reason.

The game just came out, And all these new players have to work on their Skills, Tactics, and Teamwork.

This is a game of… Skills, Tactics, and Teamwork!
You cannot face a monster of any level alone!

These new players have been pampered with recent Call of Duty, Halo, and Battlefield games.
Many of which employ amped up Aim Assist, and larger “hit boxes”.

When comparing previous installments of these titles to recent ones, they’ve been substantially dumb’d down.

Take some time, Learn to play the game, Unlock a hunter that better suits your style.02
If this game was meant to be easy, it wouldn’t have been called Evolve, It would be Extinct.


Agreed in its early stages I’d say it is very well balanced, I have never felt it was impossible to win when I’ve lost which is what OP actually means in my view.

Of course as people improve their skills then there may need changes over the course of the game to re-balance, but to change anything now I feel would be a bad idea as when people learn more they more than likely will need to just adjust it back again


I agree completely.
Let the game settle for a week at least. Give it some time for people to learn.