Let's talk about the Smell range perk


I know what your thinking, who the hell cares about the the smell range perk??

Well I do :smiley: I like it on og kraken and gorgon but I wish it was a true smell range increase, sure we can see the out lines from further away but what I would love to see is the health bars and names from distance!

Imagine being able to fight effectively from huge distance with kraken! Or being able to set a complicated trap with gorgon!

Smell range op plz buff


It would be geat on wraith. Though i wish it was larger for her just so she can set up better for abductions. <3


They are changing the range in the next update so this might be a moot point. That being said, smell perk is more useful for helping focus food locates as well as help spot the trapper during splits. It’s more of an evasive perk than anything else.


Well hopefully smell range increases with abduction ;D


I do find that, although you can be sure to evolve more safely with the smell perk, that you lose so much otherwise better perks such as the movement/traversal speed or even +10% atk boost perk.


I like the smell perk I always grab it, because hunters especially experienced will try to cut me off and I always counter.


The devs have teased several times, that they have something big in store for perks in general, so there mostl likely already is something in the dev build that makes smell range more usefull.

My best guess is, that you can mix your own perk out of several others. Like have a perk that increases Smellrange by 25%, Damage by 5% and feeding speed by 25% all at once.


That would be great.

Even though I would still have to go full movement speed with Goli because of roaching.


I took smell range a lot when I was learning to play monster, it really helps with evading the hunters and figuring out the good spots to get some grub. Then when I got up in ranks the fights themselves became a lot tougher and I really needed a combat perk, so I stopped using it. By then I’d become a lot better at listening for jetpacks and such, but it’s not the same…

Thankfully, iirc they’re giving smell range a serious bump either in the macropatch or TU9!


Talk about OP.


Well Goliath is getting a Buff against roachers with the ability to actually turn his fatass around in midair meaning not only punching as you start to fall and turn but also instant reclimbing up the wall to say “Surprise mutha-fuka!”


I wish you were able to select two perks, but both at half of what they usually are. It would be great :smiley:

Example: Goliath could have 12% movement speed, and 5% damage increase.

(Original 25% movement or 10% damage increase, both are now at half because they both were selected)


Dear lord kraken already is effective at long distance :frowning:

If I recall the devs hinted at least something along this line with the new perks to come. They were talking about how they started to mix perks, One was one they called savage nature, which was climb, feed, and smell (with altered values) rolled into one- He then went on to say that this “proved something”, and that theyre trying something “bigger”. What exactly they meant by “bigger” is yet to be seen. But we know theyre playing with multiple effect perks.


They’re combining perks in the future, or possible making it completely customizable (like 10 sliders you can move left or right to suit your playstyle or 10 points you can invest, I’m guessing something like that).

Individually yes, Smell Range bonus isn’t a useful perk on its own. There’s no need to really change too much about it considering these future changes to perks, but I definitely think Smell Range has become one of the worst if not the worst (even including the Armor Regen perk) perk ever since TRS has slowly started moving the game to a multiple-fights-per-match concept and tried to decrease FT3 effectiveness.

In a meta where changes made it so that Monsters need multiple engagements per match to win, the Smell Range perk rather quickly became obsolete by not changing with it. Evading the Hunters all day long doesn’t fit in the version of Evolve that TRS is aiming for.


Theory : If all perks are balanced

All combined perks would be balanced

As monster : 10% damage bonus

Or taking 5% damage bonus / reduction

Movement speed 12.5% + 10% CDR

Combined perks allow more variety in playstayle . We don’t want to play the same matches / same play style over and over again

Skill gab will be less in 9.0 which may make the game more repetitive .


Not saying I’m against the variety, the more the merrier but perks are kinda iffy.

People complain about stealthing Monsters but what if they ran Feeding Speed + Smell Range + Movement Speed?

Or if they built fully combat with 10% damage and 10% reduction.

Or Movement Speed + Traversal Regen?


Same goes for Hunters, now Hunters can have their cake and eat it too by picking their perk + health regen with Laz.

What if they ran movement speed + jetpack recharge + jump height for extreme mobility?

Or Reload + Capacity?


Yeah it’s all awesome in theory to have perk combinations and I’m not opposed to it as long as it’s balanced of course.

If they can make it work then I’m all for it but like nearly everything that’s been described in this TU it’s something I’m extremely skeptical about because it can go so right or just so so wrong.


It won’t change anything vs pillars.


His current issue lies in he can’t use traversal to move around the pillar fast enough to catch people, with this change he can leap all the way around a pillar and back in one jump, meaning he will be much faster


I agree 100%. i’ve always loved the idea of smell perk, but once the hunters are all close enough to you that you would smell them without your perk, you might as well not have a perk. Since the game comes down to combat and other evasive perks aid you at S3 relay fight and in combat, I feel smell perk will be left lacking unless it gets a really crazy range or some kind of unique utility, like sensing elite wildlife as Jack does.


Smell range helps of course (spotting Trapper ect) but a good Monster know the Splits on Serveral maps (or should know) i would prefer a Perk that helps me in Combat instead of a such defensive Perk.