Let's talk about that hacking problem


Hey All,

Let’s talk about hackers.

Since our launch of free to play, we’ve attacted a lot of new players, which is good! We’ve also attracted a lot of cheaters, which is bad.

To address this, I wanted to put something together to answer some of the most common questions. So, let’s get started!

Are we aware there is a hacker problem/ Are we doing anything about it?


Yes. We’re coming at this from a few different angles to try to address it.

  • We’re trying to make existing hacks unusable.
  • We’re exploring how to prevent new hacks from appearing.
  • We’re actively pursuing reports of cheaters from the community.
  • We’re using other tools at our disposal help identity potential hackers.

How do I report a hacker?

Lucky for you, @ToiletWraith put together this awesome thread that will tell you everything you need to know.

Does my report even end up in someone getting banned?

We are actively banning people. Even if your report isn’t enough, your report along with a second report can give the missing information we need to ban someone, or at least puts them on our watch list.

The problem is, banning hackers is pretty much a big game of whack-a-mole. But we’re trying.

I didn’t get their steam ID or a video because the match was so short. Should I even bother reporting it?

Short answer - yes! We’re adding in the “recently played with” info on steam, so you should easily be able to get their steam ID even if you forgot to during the match. Even if you don’t have a video, just giving information about what you saw can put it on our radar, or be helpful if we get another report. :yellow_heart:

Why aren’t you more public about exactly what you’re doing to prevent hackers?

This answer is pretty simple, we don’t give information on what we’re doing because then hackers could start thinking about how to get around it. Like other tools? If you knew what other tools were, you may think of ways to not have those tools catch you. If you don’t know, you can’t do that. So it stays secret.

To Quote Fall Out Boy -

Trying to make the gamer more secure is an on going process, but we’re going to do as much as we can to try and stay on top.

Why is reporting done privately and not in forum threads?

A few reasons.

  • People are innocent until proven guilty.
  • We don’t want to start a witch hunt, and we’ve already had at least one instance of a hacker trying to frame someone else.
  • Sometimes the reports have information on how a hacker is hacking, and again, we’d like to limit that information as much as possible.

Once some of the worst hacks out right now are addressed, is there going to be a ranked leaderboard reset?

I don’t have a solid answer here. Basically, we we released updates we’re going to have to evaluate and have a conversation on our side. It’s a possibility, but I don’t know yet.

Will there be a report feature added in game?

Short term, no. It’s something we’re interested in, but it would take a lot of work and we’re getting ready to make a large content push which means we won’t have the resources.

Those are the most frequent questions I get, and I’m sorry if I’ve missed some that are asked frequently.

As always -

Feel free to reach out and ask me questions and I’ll answer what I can. Please use the best practices as listed above for reporting a hacker.



We’ve put out more information regarding hackers, please check out this thread here for more information. <3

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Nice, actually did a ShadowPlay recording where I did the exact steps you recommended.


Glad to see you’re all working hard on tackling this hacker problem. Hope it goes well!


It’s good to know that you’re working hard on the hacker issue, it must be pretty hard work to keep fighting a moving beast. Keep up the good work everyone!


Would be great if you did have seasonal/monthly resets on leaderboards and profile stats. When you tell players to compete in something and the result sticks around forever, that’s a lot of pressure, it leaves a particularly bad taste when hacking, bugs, or similar problems are around.


I think it was mentioned that they were looking into it for the future, as well as redoing the MM.


I’m so happy to see this! The hacking problem is real, but I mean we have to understand that it’s F2P now. We can either take them out one by one - which won’t do much because they can just get the game again - or go for the root of the problem and focus on exterminating the ability itself. It will take longer, sure, but it’ll make for a much more rewarding experience.

Thanks TRS for opening up.


That’s one Monster at the back and four Hunters running away at the front.



I have had a hacking problem do i post it in here? Please get back to me soon. Because i dont know if i am going to continue playing the game.


Follow the instructions in this post: Hackers and you: How to report a hacker in Evolve

Provide as much info as you can.


Losses that are thanks to hackers do not get fixed do they?


As of right now, a loss is a loss. We don’t have a way to tell which losses are due to cheaters. That’s why we’ll have a talk about resetting leaderboards sometime in the future.


Thanks. I dont think reporting is worth my time. I don’t have that much as it is. I hope you guys can get you’re game under control a bit better soon. Thanks


Even sending a message about what you saw, what mode you were in, characters, their nick name even if you don’t have their steam name, it’s all useful! It helps us keep track of info and allows us to build a watch list.


Its a free to play game. If a hacker wants to hack they can easily get back in without spending a dime. There is honestly no point of you guys cant reverse the loss.


It’s not as much about finding the hackers and banning them, it’s about gathering information on what they’re doing so that we can figure out how to stop them from doing that in the future.


Giving them the information, no matter how minut, will make it that much easier for the dev team to make evolve a hack free experience.


I got oneshot by a monkey.


I am pleasantly surprised and very impressed…I had no idea it was even possible to do some of the things you’ve mentioned above.

Kudos to you guys.