Let's talk about map variants (and especially about deepest dark)

Ok, there is a lot of text, you can find a TL;DR at the end of this topic,
for lazy people out there :stuck_out_tongue:

I honestly wouldn’t mind low drop rate of map variant crates at all, if map variants would be fun to play. Those maps are fun, but maybe for the first/second time you play them, then they get just iritaiting. Don’t change crate drop chance, fix those maps instead. I will write down my feel with
coop mode first, then I will write about overpowered and cataclysm in this topic when I will get some free time (read: when I will get bored and have nothing better to do).

#The deepest dark

Co-op has a lot of potential in it, but it isn’t really good right now.

#First problem is that It’s too easy at the moment,

giving some option to vote on difficulty would be nice, because it wouldn’t create problems like “map is too hard for x, and too easy for y” along with maybe key bonuses (or bigger crate chance?) for completing map on higher difficulty.

Current difficulty could be normal, next difficulty would require more teamwork and more awareness (and obviously be called hard) and third one would require team fortress 2-mvm-expert-mission-tier of beeing hard (for those who don’t know, in tf2 there is co-op mode called mvm, expert missions in mvm requires you to do your class job almost 100% perfectly,do perfect meta, and any slight mistake in it can result in loss) and have some edgy name (like brutal or something xD).

#Second problem with it is that it’s too linear,

and that problem is caused both by lack of enemy variety, lack of randomness element and the map and
boss itself.

Let’s start with our foes- the fact that they are just gorgons with different stats isn’t the problem. The problem is that they lack any differences in
those stats. Right now they all just have same stats and all gorgon skills possible, which they use from time to time. It doesn’t sounds bad at first, but it’s like… left 4 dead without special infected but instead having only common infected with all special infected abilities which they would use from
time to time. Boring and not really fun. I don’t really know anything about game engine and which tweaks to skills and stats can be done and which not, but I think that stuff like changing skill cooldown, mimic health etc. is possible.

And if such a changes can be done, then it’s possible to build a lot of different enemys just around gorgon skills.

Gorgon that tries to stay away from hunters and just spams spider traps at them, gorgon that would traversal around and spam hunters with web snares
from mid-air,
gorgon that would position itself in one place a bit away from hunters and keep melee attacking hunters with hight-health mimics,
gorgon with armour regen and poision claws perks that would focus one hunter and run away to hide and regen armour once it gets it’s ass kicked
gorgon that would start evolving as soon as it sees hunters and would turn into mini-boss if not killed quickly etc.

  • to top it all some basic cannon fodder having no skills and just
    melee attacking.

And those are just a few dumb enemy ideas that I got in
about 2 minutes. There can be a lot done.

When it comes to looks of enemys- changing just size and a bit of colour in few places on their bodies would make those different types of gorgons distinguishable from each other.

Another thing- agressive wildlife. Look, maybe that’s my personal feel (well, preety much everything in that post is my personal feel about that map :p) but after shooting/eating/burning alive/trolling shear wildlife for about 100 hours and seeing rabies-infected ADHD reaver/dune beetle/mamoth bird charging at me I just got hysterics xD It’s not about wildlife beeing too weak in coop- it’s about wildlife feeling completly out of place as enemy (especially in giant gorgon nest) and completly breaking climat of map.

And here we go with our main foe- gorgon queen. While she is boss of the level, she doesn’t really feel like a boss despite her size. She looks just like big gorgon with purple skin, she acts same as gorgon during fight and every single of her skills (beside spider trap) are working same as standard gorgon.

It’s the same problem as with standard foes- almost no differences from standard gorgon bot in how skills works, and how she acts. Just change skill stats.

Made her maybe stay a bit away from hunters and meleeing them only when they got close use, made her use spider trap much more (well, just spaming more gorgons in her case) made acid split and web snare much more powerful than they currently are but maybe on longer cooldowns, so they will feel like real boss attacks… well, enought of my stupid suggestions, just change her behaviour and skills more.

Another (much less important) thing- her look. In case of standard foes it isn’t a problem that they look same as gorgon with differen’t coloured skin and size, but when it comes to main boss in level- it is. Honestly, just changing her skin to look more interesting/creepy and have more details without changing anything with model or animations is enought in my opinion.

#Now, another thing is map.

Whole map is a one big and long corridor, no embranchments, no branches, nothing, just corridor. If it would have those embranchments and branches (hell, it would be even one big maze) it would automatically got more replay potential, got more interesting in general and become more climatic and maybe even creepy.

#And the last thing: Lack of RNG

While RNG may sound unnecessary, unless some coop mode is about defending something adding just a small amount of RNG is really needed. Even if you have interesting map, different kinds of enemys etc. but they always spawn in same places on map, it will got boring after 2-3 times. Making those gorgon eggs spawn in random places and gorgon queen attacking in random places would give map 50% more raplaybility alone.


  1. Deepest dark is too easy now, some vote on difficulty option would be nice.

  2. There is a lack variety when it comes to foes, some special types of gorgons would made that map more interesting, gorgon quenn don’t really feel like a boss right now and wildlife is meh enemy + it doesn’t fit into climat of level.

  3. Map is just a big corridor, without any embranchments or branches, and thus it’s boring.

  4. Lack of any RNG make coop even more boring, making gorgon eggs spawn in random places and gorgon queen attacking in random parts of the map
    would fix that.

  5. Made that voice play only for first few times when playing map, hearing creepy-voice guy saying same stuff for fifth time is annoying.

Feel free to discuss in this topic about map variants, what do you like about them, what you dislike and how they could be improved.
Btw. If I did any grammaticial (or non- grammaticial) mistakes in the text, let me know so I will remove them.

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Yeah, Deepest Dark is the most disappointing thing in Evolve to date, I was really excited to play it when it first came out. Wish if they apply your ideas or something else to make it more interesting.

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As I wrote, coop has a lot of potential to be great coop in a game that has one of the “teams” gameplay based around coop (lel). I really hope that the deepest dark will be updated someday, but I’m afraid it won’t.

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