Let's Talk About Map Traversal

I just wanted to create this thread to see people’s thoughts on the various maps and how they feel about their size, how you go hunt in them, and how you feel about other traversal related things like sunny’s jetpack booster, stasis etc.

Maps… The number two reason most OP threads start, most maps are unfair for both sides depending on which map you’ra playing on, what can you really do about it… I’d rather have a beautiful landscape then have a sand box with plain ground and have a team duke it out which would be balanced in some turn but then again it would look unappealing for both ends and just create massive brian diarrhea<quote me on that I daaaaaaaaaaaaaaare you

In the end, Maps are just too funking OP. [furiously typing thread about how OP maps are]

All the maps have their subtleties and paths that are favorable for monsters and hunters. Good players on both sides know how to take advantage of these paths to maximize their jetpack boost and traversal stamina.

On the hunter side, I feel fusion plant’s huge hole in the middle is the only map that sticks out as being relatively unfair. You might as well give a monster a free stage up for the time it takes to cross that without falling, even with a full jetpack.

On the monster side, refueling tower is goliath’s perfect map. Three long leaps from atop a plateau and he’s halfway across the map and still cooking fast.

The only equalizer (and in some cases, overpowered tool) is Sunny’s booster when used correctly, which many Sunny players know how to use. The only way monsters can counter that booster is to try to down whoever got boosted before the rest of the team catches up. It creates some tense moments in a dome once the monster realizes you’re the only one in there with him.

When I’m helping out new Evolve players I always stress that the biggest part of playing the game correctly is in how jetpack fuel and traversals are managed. It isn’t how well you can shoot, but how you know how much jetpack can get you to a certain place in a certain amount of time for a successful cut-off.

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All those are fine, and nerfing them would be a nerf for combat too, which is bad. But I do feel like Monsters should have a buff to mobility.

Quite a few of the maps are good. Some of them, not so much. Some are just ECH.

Personally I think JPB, while a clever new ability at the time, basically broke the game. The only way to change it so that isn’t constantly becoming part of some new OP combo is to nerf it to uselessness, which isn’t fair for Sunny players. Caira’s speed boost was balanced because, ultimately, it was ground traversal so you still had to deal with terrain, jetpack management, LOS. Sunny just throws hunters anywhere they want: far, high, around corners, ahead of the monster.

Buffing monster mobility means comps without Sunny will suffer, so Sunny will become the only viable support.

The best suggestion I’ve read, other than retconning JPB into another ability, is that Sunny’s boost works as it does now inside the dome, but has a major nerf outside a dome. Combined with the 70 second dome CD this might give monsters some breathing room. Remove Val’s tranqs negating Movement Speed perk/buff and that perk becomes viable again if you suspect a Sunny comp.

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That’d not work well, because then you’d HAVE to use dome for Sunny to be worth anything in a fight.

But perhaps, if the monster is over 30m away, it’d be worse? Iunno. Like you said-

This is prettymuch it. ._. Either make it useless in combat, or make it OP for hunting.

Only solution I see, is massively buffing the shield drone to compensate, but that’s soooooooo easy to counter.

The AI issue could be avoided by having the JPB’s Alternate Fire select a target for the drone.

Ok I like teleport from this side foundry to the other in a 1:30

I almost feel like some maps are way too small. Outside of that the relays need to be more balanced to both sides.

Sloth alley is also bad on fusion because any smart monster can figure out where the trapper went, book it in the other direction, and have some good distance on them. However, Fusion Plant has one of the worst relays in the game for the monster so it makes up for those problems.

Shield drone is already nauseating, buffing it would be the death knell of any monster who didn’t get the drop on a good Sunny.

I still don’t understand how the booster is supposed to work, other than “Sufficiently Advanced Science”. Since the jetpack batteries are already constantly recharging you’d think that they would be set to the max output they could reasonably handle without melting after a single use.

Maybe a cooling off period that scales with the distance travelled under the booster or the time boosted? That way if a hunter gets to launch themselves half way across the battlefield they then CAN’T boost for a little while and / or they can’t regen fuel so it becomes more of a tactical decision than a get-out-of-jail-free card - If he boosts out now will he get far enough to survive the cooldown? It’s the kind of thing you could justify having work differently in and out of combat - they CAN push their kit to the limits if they have to, but if they push it (i.e. how they do now) their gear is going to melt into useless scrap so they need to save it for when they need it.