Let's talk about Griffin

Yeah Griffin is pretty useless right now. In fact ajack does everything he does better…Better defensive CC, a better gun IMO, and the satellite completely outclasses spikes.


Let’s all be honest here, the nerf to Griffin’s Harpoon Gun was one of several unnecessary Hunter nerfs to happen in the last patch. I understand the theory behind it, but in practise it simply made the character worth less than others in their class.

It was over the top but not unnecessary. Griffin permanent harpoon was absolutely RIDICULOUS and should never return.


Given how much more Jack currently brings to the table the nerfs most certainly were unnecessary. Especially given how much easier to counter Griffin’s harpoons were when compared to the Repulsion Field.

A good griffin on the poon was really scary, especially for a wraith or goliath. Your traversals and abilities will be stopped at every turn.

I’ve had fun against Griffin as Goliath. I could see his reload coming back. But if they were to bring that back, they should really reduce Griffin’s harpoon range. That’s ridiculous imo. Might fix both problems. He’d be effective in combat, but less effective if a monster can get out of harpoon range.

As to the focusing problem. Not much I can say, Grif has a death wish doing what he does as a trapper. The only hope for him is having a support or medic constantly on him.

Tracking wise, I think he’s fine. If you place your spikes right, you should catch anything that passes by. Placing spikes at choke points is really critical to playing him right.


You mean kind of like a half-decent Jack is capable of right now?

I still love Griffin. He’s my favorite hunter and the nerfs he’s gotten don’t change that. I felt like he was too strong for a very very long time, and I love playing him right now because I don’t feel in the least bit guilty about picking him :smiley: !

I’ll admit it’s possible that he’s too weak right now, but I don’t want to suggest any changes because I’m not actually sure of that and I don’t want to be any part of an effort that makes me feel guilty playing my favorite character again.

Is it just me or is Griffin’s Sound spikes really underwhelming in tracking the skilled Monster players? In pub games it’s fine, but in a serious match their usefulness drops hard to the point that it’s not uncommon for it to go off until mid-late game when the Monster is near or at stage 3 when it’s too late to be any useful. The counter play to sound spikes is too easy IMO.

I rather have them nerf the radius and buff the detection capabilities. I could place them out evenly and they’ll just sneak pass them easily.

But, yeah Griffin’s nerf to his harpoon gun REALLY sucks.

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Maybe we could go flat out-

And give him a full on “Reverse Jack” tether. Instead of stopping the monster from advancing, it stops the monster from retreating- Using the same ammo consumption scheme as jack.

that sounds horribly op lol.

He’s not useless, he’s a pile of crap

No more or less than what jack does. tweak the values accordingly. “Walking” consumes X-amount of ammo per time, Abilities such as charge/leap/warp/abduct/etc consume more ammo, etc.

Set it up so you still have to fire the harpoon, and then the beam is tethered until energy has been depleted. You dont get the benefit of “bending” the beam to stop specific directions, more like a fishing reel where the beam simply cant stretch much (as it functions now)

Really the ONLY thing it changes, is that instead of “smacking” the beam away, youre using movement/traversal/an ability to break the beam- Before setting his battery on cooldown. Just like jack. But in reverse. Only unlike jack, nothing stops you from B-lining straight at him.

I think this is the best idea I have heard so far


yeah but the function is entirely different. one stops you from moving to a location.with is basically forward. the other stops you from running away from that location. meaning all directions away from the target. meaning jack would be useless forever after that. cuz griffin could just stand in the middle of the arena and block every ability without the monster being able to do anything besides go towards griffin.

I dislike the reload time on the harpoon gun…but now I I’ll just be picking my moments rather then shooting it every chance I get.

Yeah I agree @TomsMeatPlatter , I don’t want anything drastic changing like a reverse jack. A shorter range and faster reload would work very well with the new dome timings.

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The only problem I see with that change is that Grif becomes an easier target. But that might be the risk involved with taking such a character.

Griffin is already an easy target, all monsters can easily focus or get on him without team support anyway. But nothing is worse than a monster ignoring Griffin because they know the harpoons aren’t a threat and that focusing the medic is an easy task even with the poons firing at their current rate


Hm. Then I believe I should just sit back and see what people think. I’ve thrown my two cents in. :stuck_out_tongue: