Lets Talk About Decoy

I think its widely agreed that decoy is a pretty bad ability compared to the rest of Wraiths abilities, but its also a very annoying ability, which is kind of why it got nerfed so much in the first place. Lets use this thread to discuss what exactly be done to decoy to make it good again, but not ridiculously annoying. I think for one thing that the cooldown is way too long (around 30 seconds, I think) and makes it barely worth using. I would say a good amount of time until you can use it again would porbably be 20 seconds after the last decoy has disappeared, give or take. One idea I see people throwing around is bringing back the ability to warp while cloaked, but that would make it ridiculously hard to keep track of Wraith while she is cloaked again, so what if we just gave her a speed boost while cloaked? It would make it easier to get better positioning while the decoy does its thing, and it would make it so the Wraith can move around fast without warping and completely throwing off the hunters. One thing that I have noticed is that if decoy is used pretty much anywhere where the hunters have line of sight, they just follow her around shooting her because its so easy to tell exactly where she is because every time she gets shot you can see her for such a long time before she recloaks. The time that Wraith is revealed for every shot should be reduced, so its more like it was at release, but not quite as much as it was at release so that hunters can still keep track of her. Last of all, to make it so hunters actually shoot at the decoy instead of just avoiding it while looking for the real Wraith, I suggest the base duration of decoy gets increased, but as the hunters shoot at it it goes away faster. While being shot at the decoy will go away much faster, but would still last a good amount of time so you can reposition. Sorry for the wall of text though, imo decoy just needs a lot of changes.


Remove all damage from Decoy. Give her TWO CLONES instead of 1!


I personally feel that Decoy is one of the few abilities in this game that needs to be taken right back to the drawing board and thought out anew. It is, IMO, the one ability that best shows that when you’re trying to balance a game like this more needs to be done than simply nerfing or buffing raw stats.


I would have thought it would just be better to remove the decoy. instead give her a flat out invisibility ability that if broken early gives a boost to damage. It will be good for instigating a fight with an instant blast of damage and will help her keep the hit and run playstyle. Also, it would serve as a decent repositioning ability as well which is what decoy should have been.

Eh, I think she needs a good rewrok overall. buffs to speed, nerfs to armor/health, etc.

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I doubt that they would change the core mechanics of the ability like that, so its best to think about balancing instead. I personally would start to actually like decoy if they changed it in the roght way.

At this point, the only way Decoy will ever become a balanced ability is if they do go and change the core mechanics. It’s like I said, just playing around with raw stats isn’t enough in some cases, and that is at its most prevalent with Decoy.

I think that the decoy shouldn’t be so unpredictable. I don’t like using it b/c I never know what it’ll do once I use it. Maybe give it a much simpler set of commands, like dash forwards, do a heavy attack, then find the closest enemy and chase it?

I feel like if they do some of the tings I said decoy would be in a better place for a start. If they were doing anything first it should be reducing the cooldown.

She needs a complete rework. How about we buff her speed, make her bursty again, change how all her abilities work, THEN we can talk about decoy.


Message from the people of the past that last commented on someone saying the decoy shouldn’t have damage image Also the Wraith’s decoy runs on the same fundamentals of behemoths rock wall They both fall to nothing as time go by. Thus that’s why they are both able to do damage. Plus its one of Wraiths best counter measures to mines

I kind of like how she is now. Before she was considered the coward monster, because she kind of was, constantly running and running. Now she feels so much more battle focused. Near the beginning of thee game I was hoping they would nerf her so much that she was unusable because I hated her so much, but now shes my second favorite monster.

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Yeah, it would be really useless if it didnt do damage. People wouldnt even pay attention to it at all.


Except at launch she was the stealthy fast assassin she is meant to be. Now she’s a fucking stupid brawler. She went from easily my favorite to my least favorite. I mean holy fuck, four of the five Monsters are brawlers, will we ever get any God damn variety? Or will Hunters just bitch about it until it’s another brawler.

That’s putting it bluntly because I’m on mobile and can’t type up all my reasoning right now.


Yeah that’s what other people said as well plus a monster can’t have a useless ability since they only have 4 and hunters each have 3 unique abilities aside from the class special . Then just add the wide variety of hunters the constant complaining (bound to neuter the monsters eventually)

But stealthy characters are just boring, since steakth in this game is sitting in a corner shooting decoys. I dont consider all of the characters brawlers anyway, I consider Goliath and Wraith brawlers but Kraken and Behemoth are more tactical.

That’s what they are trying to do to kraken… to an extent.

That is why I’m starting to practice with kraken because wraith just isn’t fast enough atm. I feel like I HAVE to take MS in order to outrun the hunters properly, otherwise I just find it very difficult to get away.

With kraken I can take offensive perks and he feels different to play. I am not thaat good with him yet but I feel like his playstyle is so much more different that I am having fun with him as opposed to the myriad of brawlers.

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To answer your question

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Wait… Is… Are they really trying to now take away Kraken’s uniqueness? He is literally the ONLY UNIQUE MONSTER NOW.


NAh, it looks like with all the nerfs to him the community would like it though ;-;

It’s all how the player plays. Stealth Monsters benefit before S3 but suffer at relay fights. It’s how they work.

Just because Hunters don’t find it fun to fight stealth Monsters does not mean they shouldn’t exist or be nerfed to where they’re basically a completely different Monster. It’s unfair and plainly biased. Monsters have such little variety in playstyle now because of those Hunters. Monsters deal with ridiculously unfun Hunters all the time.

You don’t see Hunters getting complete changes to gameplay. That’s just unfair. So why should Monsters suffer that fate?