Let's talk about damage perks


I used to use it on certain assaults and Crow, but now it feels too weak imo. I mean they still increase dps, but compared to other useful perks, I don’t find any reason to use it anymore even on assaults. How does everyone feel about damage perks these days?


I think they’re not useful as well. Most cases I run II capacity and III reload time. The perk dmg is just too pointless to have right now :l

Just like that poison one, like the claw for monsters. I tested it 2 or 3 times and didn’t amuse me either.


They are very bad.At the very least they should be 30% so they ALMOST cancel out DR monsters.Dont ever pick them


They are nerf because monsters keep calling it OP every single time…


I think it depends on the assault. I usually run them on Lenoox to make the autocannon deadlier in case of Krakens.


I honestly haven’t seen monster players calling it OP since stage 2. Was there a popular thread bout it?


You can expect one if any hunter perk will get a buff. I still pick full DI on Hyde though, since he has high capacity and fast reload already.


this is always the frustration… there are a one or two monster player that claim that hunter is too strong… and then they nerf the whole perks, until much of the perks is pretty much useless garbage…


Too much %s on damage perks makes Cabot an even deadlier pick.

They are low because of how OP it would be. Especially since the amount of damage adds up over time.


Hey, before S2 it was a 10% increase max, and that was considered balance.

A hard damage increase is very powerful. It’s currently, what, 13%, correct? That’s plenty.

IMO anything up to 15% for DI for hunters would be balanced. 17% maximum. But 20 and above is just way too much.


I would agree if monsters couldnt get 35% damage reduction which completely nullifies and even decreases the damage output to below baseline


Yeah it used to be 15% then 10% tops in Legacy. IMO, 20-25% would be better, over thirty is too much.


36%* but either way it is way way too much. Especially in pubs as an assault I cannot keep enough pressure as an assault to kill them before my teammates screw up enought to let the monster win, if they take full damage reduction, their health will be barely below half if that.

Now, that’s not 36% but it’s not the flat out damage reduction that’s op. the sheer amount means that they have more time and, therefore, less pressure causing mistakes so they can kill us more efficiently whereas if they didn;t, they might be playing more defensively because I’m actually doing damage that makes them nervous and causes mistakes.

If they take full damge reduction they have more time and less pressure so they can play better and get downs more efficiently. Note: most of the time I go dull damage increase cause Hyde but even then I cannot do enough damage that matters.

Now, I am not the best but considering that out of

I played assault 95% of the time of this, I think I am at the very least I am somewhat decent in saying that fighting full DR in pubs is the most frustrating thing out there, and not being able to counter that effectively but only somewhat is highly, HIGHLY annoying to me.


Honestly so far, you don’t use Damage perks to anyone. And that’s sound stupid.

I mean not even Hyde is using that anymore. :X


Actually I use it on Hyde and Lennox all the time.
Don’t presume you speak for everyone.


Do you watch any streamer/ or read about builds? Because after the nerf most people stopped suggesting it.

That’s what I mean people don’t use anymore, there gonna be ALWAYS someone who use something to test or because they think its good/fun.

But in question of being optimal? Don’t think it is. (my opinion) and since most of the streamers/pro’s stopped using it…

There’s gotta be a reason, no?


I can promise you the devs don’t listen to one or two whiny monster players and use that to any appreciable degree to influence their decisions for balance.


On lennox best perk choice is by far jetpack recharge with maybe a quickswap at first slot.Being able to contantly be next to the monster and keep your multiplier going is much more than a 15% damage increase


damage perks are not that useful, i agree. but i would ask u all to stop complaining about monster being favoured since the monster’s dot perks (mutated claws ecc) have been nerfed too. TRS devs are doing their best to balance this game, i think that they appreciate suggestions but not that much complain.


If you’re playing Legacy where the Plasma Lance damage is actually worth the risk maybe.