Lets talk about Daisy. hunter META in general


not sure how to get in to it. but let me djust start by saying everybody uses daisy, and yes in alot ways that makes sense because she is the best/stable tracker( with no negative effect to the way she tracks) al pros use her, and ofc higher tiers and even lower take her. and there fore people almost never pick other trappers and if they do its crow or griffin. witch both of them are good trackers not trying to shit on these guys, but even these trapper get out shined.

With the recent release off wasteland M now there is 2 tracking dogs in the game. iv had a slight problem with the way daisy works ever since i played with/against her but with the new Maggie this “problem” is more on topic then ever to me.
why can daisy smell u thru water? it makes no sense, i get water hides ur tracks and she still smells u but that dosent make sense too me. water washes scent away.

sneaking is gone when u face Daisy and then not even having water on ur side? ofc no one is gona pick abe or jack. especially now becuse for some reason they nerfed jacks tracking beam.(used to be 44 sec cd now its 60) and ur never gona se abe.

i really feel evolve needs too move away from “standard pick” .
u know how before you couldn’t play ranked with out the Hyde, Maggie, Sunny/hank and caira. no one is playing bucket, rare to se cabot but sometimes u do.
and i feel honestly. biggest reason people dont like jack or abe is because the support is suppose to help make up for there tracking. take bucket or cabot they help super mutch with tracking. if bucket and cabot gets there power going im dead sure people wont find Daisy super tracking that necessary. witch will lead too more variety.

want to end this by saying the same thing again. no hate, 100% love in my heart. tell me what u guys think. what makes it soo people always go the same thing. not djust trapper or supp. i mean al the hunters.
witch is also why i think a banning system for ranked will help to. force people to change there ways.

please this is not a rant about one dog try to se the bigger picture. al roles included.


My main tracker is Abe, I like his CC and I can find the monster easily without aid due to surround sound headphones.

Anyway, the reason why Daisy can still “smell” you is because when you go in water you don’t go fully submerged and therefore keep your scent.


im on ur side bro. abe used to be my favorit. still i dont think u can denie the power the others hold compared to him. i know how to play vs her. i dont want this to be a complet tyrade over her. but she out shines al the other with out question and i also whana bring the convo around meta in general sorry for wierd edit


I agree that Daisy’s tracking is a bit over the top but you just have to learn to keep running and juking the Hunters :wink:


MaddCow has an old video about how to juke Daisy…I’m sure someone could find the link to that and post it here.


Daisy can’t smell your prints in water. However, if you stay in water too long she’ll beeline to the new tracks you make as soon as you leave the water.

Say you go down the river in Dam or Distillery and leave prints on one of the bridges/rocks that cross the river. These will be the first tracks Daisy sees so she will beeline straight to them. Same when you leave the water.


I rarely see most of these hunters. In fact, I’d have to say that the most common picks from every class I see are Emet, Kala, Behemoth, Abe (weird), and Blitz Markov.


I preface this with the same thing I preface all balance discussions with now… there are huge changes coming and so anything we’re talking about here may already be resolved. In some ways this may mean this is an unnecessary conversation!

Now, the reason that people take Maggie is not because of Daisy as such. Good trappers will get much better tracking over the course of the match from Abe or Crow, given they know the likely feeding routes, than Maggie.

What Maggie offers (now with Wasteland Maggie as an option) is the ability to put on good damage and to constantly frustrate the monster in a reliable fashion with the harpoon traps/snare. Daisy is a benefit of sorts in that she’s another “hunter” to kill, and a lot of the time Daisy will end up dead and set the dropship timer going which can benefit the hunters.

Essentially Maggie helps to alleviate mistakes, she makes the pick less risky. However this “jack of all trades, master of none” does mean that what she does can be done better by other trappers. That people pick a reliable trapper over a good one with risks or some limitations says more about what people value going into a game.


Trappers aren’t taking WLM/Maggie for Daisy. We’re taking her for the harpoon traps, and in the case of WLM for the flame damage from the burst pistol. It’s good for chip on the chase, and does decent damage. The harpoons are good CC, with WLM’s harpoon being on the verge of being too powerful (I’d like to see a nerf to arm time, but that’s just me).

Daisy as a tracking tool is alright. She helps by preventing a monster sneaking at the start, allowing you to get that initial location, and gives you a good chance to get the S1 dome(s). These will usually devastate the monster, putting pressure on them from the get go (which is half the battle). In the long-run, the other Trappers have better tracking kits. Tracking darts allow you to put pressure on throughout the game. Sound spikes have the potential to do the same if you can keep the monster running. Gobi is probably the best tracker in the game, and Jack’s SS is decent in small maps.


WLM is overpowered because the monster can’t sneak. not at all. so you’re always going to be going in a relatively predictable direction at a constant speed. Having Daisy means that you don’t have to use Daisy. That means easy cuts, and EASILY being able to track the monster due to the monster constantly being on your terms. That plus damage and CC is just too much for one trapper


This is not true, with respect :slightly_smiling:


I have to disagree. I mean, you CAN, but it’s vastly less useful. It slows you down a lot and it slows the hunters down a little.


I’d argue that hunters that consider themselves as good will not pay attention to Daisy until they can’t find you on the “normal” path. And at that point throwing in a few sneaks and climbs will do a lot to slow them down if they are trying to work out where you are. Sneaking against Maggie is a different type of sneaking as against other trappers, and in a way against Maggie you can sneak for less time and yet get similar results… so actually be fairly “fast” while being sneaky.


Agreed. When I use Maggie, I ignore Daisys plea’s to lead unless I have no idea where the monster is. Sorta like how Val (a smart one, of course) switches to the Sniper Rifle when NO ONE needs any healing, and goes back when the need arises.

Daisy isnt 100% OP, but she Isnt so easy to counter or outsmart (is outsmarting an A.I. even possible?), which is why your best hope is to try and juke her.


yeah, remember that waiting for Daisy to pick up the scent can take something like 5 or 6 seconds before she heads off, and as a hunter you don’t even know for sure that the direction she’s going is going to be accurate since as a monster you’ve had plenty of time to lay a false trail and could be sneaking off on long route around behind the hunters while they start following Daisy’s initial read.

I don’t know of any trappers that play Maggie that start by following Daisy, it’s a waste of time.


Maggie & Abe are my main Trappers. Whenever I pick Maggie, I only check on Daisy when I have no general idea where the Monster is. As soon as you learn the common feeding routes, it gets easier to find the monster without constantly following Daisy. The map is also very useful for that. If you have a good headset you can also hear the monster when it’s close by, where it’s heading next or if it is sneaking around and sniffs for the hunters.
You don’t really need Daisy to find the monster (except if you have no clue where it could be).


NEVER did i say she is OP im simple making a point that she is out “classing” al other ones. like most people already say in the convo “its not becuse of daisy its becuse of the harpoons” then she is still better then the other ones. i can win vs a daisy ofc i can. but is makes me sad becuse no one wants anything to do with the others. in HUNT not talking about arena here.


“Trappers aren’t taking WLM/Maggie for Daisy. We’re taking her for the harpoon traps,” then u still agree with me that she out shine the others? im not trying to make this a “fuck daisy” thing. but in the broad picture if she has the most brutal tracking and u say. people like her because of harpoons, then my point still stands.


Maggie doesn’t outshine the other trappers in any way other than her reliability. She is easier to master than other trappers and as such can provide reliable results in a game where people value winning.

Griffin is better at decisive CC, better at honing in on an evolving monster for a reliable unsighted evolve dome, and generally better at keeping track of the monster from stage 2 onwards

Abe is better at damage and tracking the monster from first sighting, and better CC if as a trapper you dome in places with lots of roaching opportunity

Crow is better at stage 3 engagements and chip damage, with more useful tracking than Maggie once the monster has been found once, and also has better CC in the same situation as Abe

Jack has more reliable decisive CC and better damage potential.

It’s not a case that Maggie outshines the others at all, it’s just that she brings something good (but not necessarily great) to all aspects of the trapper role. Trappers that are confident in their team and the comps they’re running will possibly be better off running other trappers to exploit how much better they are in certain areas than Maggie.


abe is better at tracking at first sight? at first sight monster will already be stage 2 by the time he finds him lol. and for jack, he has wonderfull cc and good damage but his tracker beam takes forever too re charge now so hes tracking is waaay off. and also dont forgett about bucket or cabot. dont want this to be al about trappers the other “unplayed” also.