Let's talk about Cabot's DPS potential


So, last night I was playing with a few buddies and having a blast as Cabot. Cabot’s rail gun is INCREDIBLY satisfying to use. However, at the end of a pair of 14-15 minute matches against Krakens, I had 18500ish and 20400ish damage done via the rail gun, with another 1500 damage amped. (I realize I was not using the damage amp to its potential. I had a Hyde on my team that was having difficulties getting within flamethrower range to attack Kraken. Thus I took it upon myself to do as much damage as possible.) I landed the vast majority of the shots I was aiming, and with Kraken’s BIG ASS HEAD, I got a lot of 2x multipliers on my shots.

I realize that these matches were a couple minutes longer than the average (12 minutes per match), but how do these numbers compare to your average assault? Is Cabot’s railgun perhaps a bit overtuned at the moment? What do you guys think? I haven’t been on the receiving end of a constant barrage of rail gun hits like this as the monster yet, but the Cabot’s I have played have been great at denying my eating due to the occasional rail gun harrass.


Did you beat the Krakens?

Did your team help?

18000 does seem like a bit of damage, but I don’t normally play hunter.

Good for you anyhow!


Haha, thanks, but I’m not here trying to brag, just to see how these numbers compare with the average Cabot with good aim.

Yes, we beat the Kraken fairly handily those rounds, but the Kraken was pretty elusive and had reached stage 2 or 3 each time.


Ahhh definitely good for you and your team!

I hope tonight I can find good challenges on hunt game modes!


Hyde, and to some extent Assaults in general, struggle with the Kraken.

It’s not Cabot’s problem that it is nigh impossible to bomb or burn a decent Kraken.

The other Supports are also very adept at dishing out damage.


Totally agreed, the short range nature of assault can make them have a difficult time with kraken. Hyde has more of a problem due to the minigun having terrible spread. Markov’s assault rifle seems to be the most consistent assault weapon against Kraken for sure (from longer than medium range.)


In my opinion there need to be more ways to bring it to ground - and the Assault shield should block knockback to keep it from staying safe from them on ledges.


Good god that would be terrifying if you couldn’t knock back an assault. I think that would actually be overpowered. In a very very serious way.


Cabot’s Rail Cannon is fine, you were doing your job dealing damage and landing headshots which should reward you with lots of extra damage. His Rail Cannon has to be reloaded for every shot so skillful aiming has to be rewarded with respectable damage.

As an offensive based Support he needs the damage potential since he can apply pressure and has zero defensive capabilities.


Great points. I do agree. Do you get that same aww yissss feeling I do every time you land a shot as Cabot? The weapon just feels so good.


The Monster would still be able to easily outrun it - it would simply move somewhere else.

It would make the Assault a far more effective deterrent, but I don’t think that would be a problem.


It would also effectively turn the assault into an area denial too of immense power. But maybe that’s not a bad thing. I’d have to see it and feel it to really tell the power of that idea.

As it stands though, I don’t feel like we need to worry about buffing hunters. Except maybe Buckets terrible reload speed.


No knockback on Assault means a combo Assault/Lazarus would be way, way, way overpowered. If you try to deny Laz the res, the Assault would eat you alive. Doesn’t sound very balanced to me.


Thought about this exact thing. Also wouldn’t lack of knock back actually make them perfect in combat rezzers too? I could be wrong but it seems knock back is the cause of interruptions and not necessarily damage. I’m thinking about all the times firebreath seems to have failed to stop a rez attempt for me.


I don’t think it would be a bad thing - and hitting with a short range weapon would hardly be alone as an area denial tool.

I’m personally of the opinion that Monsters are at a significant advantage if they play well.


YES. Especially with the big BOOM then a squishy sound makes it feel so satisfying :smiley:


Absolutely not. Under no conditions should any class out damage an assault. Support means support for a reason. The damage from Cabot is out of line. If you want to be rewarded for good aim and out damage assaults, then don’t play support. Hopefully, the rail gun is nerfed so that Cabot can focus on supporting his team rather than being a second better assault.


I have a game recored with Bucket in the beta with me doing 11k with the turrents and another 13k with his Rockets, and that was BEFORE his buff lol. Yet people try to tell me he is the worst support. lol people need to realize buckets potential more,


Please stop talking. Bucket does more damage than cabot. Griffins damage is very close to Cabot’s. Cabot comes nowhere close to the damage of the Assaults. Stop basing it on “oh i saw his health bar go down a lot” and actually look at the numbers that are being produced.


Not 20k of that was against the Kraken. THere’s no way. You could kill the Kraken twice over alone by that point. Maybe 20k including shitloads of wildlife kills.