Lets talk abe for a sec

why is he so good ? and why is his dmg not getting nerfed ? i mean im getting 15k~ in a 7-10min game…im not even getting those numbers with bucket, meanwhile wmaggie sits there with 3-4k and maybe 5k total after her dot is added with subpar cc.

do you agree yes? no? maybe?

Well, damage is what you pick Abe for. If his damage is nerfed, there would be little reason to pick him over another trapper, considering the unreliability of his stasis and tracking dart.

Speaking of stasis, that’s my only issue with him. It has questionable strength against most of the monsters, since it can’t cover everything and the monster can “patch” the slow with traversals most of the time. This is an acceptable weakness in light of his damage.

But things change when up against Goliath/Meaty, and maybe Wraith. Since they are so melee-attack dependent, which requires movespeed more than a series of jumps, a constant, very strong slow in the area the hunters are roaching is a huge pain. It’s possibly even the best control tool a trapper can have. Add to that Goliath is already weak to roaching, and presents a very good target for shotguns… Then Abe seems kinda balanced against most monsters, but completely overpowering against the Goliaths. Something like pre-change Slim against Behemoth level.

I don’t know how, but I think he should be brought down, but only, only, against the Goliaths. (But hooow??)

Oh, and Waggie doesn’t actually deal that little damage. From what I hear, the fire DoTs are not reflected in the end-of-game screen, so her actual damage output is more than what you see.

The soft CC trappers (Abe and Crow) do more damage because they only have soft CC. Abe had the advantage that applying his CC was dead-simple. It was nerfed a bit though in one of the last patches.

Yeah, Abe and Crow can do massive damage. But harpoons are very impactful against most monsters. It’s a fair trade-off.

I don’t like Wasteland Maggie right now. Her gun doesn’t feel very fun. She only has one harpoon. No reason to pick her over any other trapper. Crow and Abe do more damage. All other harpoon characters do better hard CC. Daisy is as useless as ever.
I feel that she doesn’t do much damage but her fire DOT damage is not included in her end-game statistics. So that may be only a feeling.


And he I was thinking 7-10k was high for Abe, are you taking damage perks?
I think he is much more of a damage focused trapper but I’m heavy on the cc and tracking dart, generally keep both on all dome and some of the chase, except dart I rarely let that drop.
It also makes sense as to why he got an assault adaption, like parnell in the lore is very team based and got a medic place, Abe is very damage focused and got an assault.
I think the soft fire and forget cc works well on him with the damage, if damage was nerfed he would need a cc buff to compensate imo.

you go qs and double cap on him

15k damage with Abe has been about the standard total after a full S3 game since Legacy. I’d honestly be really, really surprised if he got nerfed on damage. His stasis is good but it’s not hard cc, so he needs to do that sort of damage. Plus he has to get closer to contribute that level of damage, so he’s in more danger.

Abe’s fine.


As for how you get that damage. I’ve been experimenting with double damage and gold capacity, been working out great. Double reload, double capacity, and even triple DI probably all net similar results. You should start the battle off with a fresh dart to help assault keep on the monster, throw a stasis grenade, then empty two clips ( three if you think your team can survive for a few seconds without stasis), and repeat. Just remember to only refresh the dart once it completely disappears or if the dome is about to drop.

Spam shots if the monster is right in your face or if it’s Goliath/Behemoth, otherwise space the shots out so all your pellets hit. You get more damage on say a Wraith if you make sure you actually hit the thing than if you rapidly empty your gun in it’s direction and only hit three pellets per shot

To expand on this, just so everyone knows, the more rapidly you fire with Abe’s shotgun, the wider the spread. The slower you fire, the smaller the spread. It’s better to space your shots out on a more lithe enemy like Wraith, or a more distanced enemy like EK & OK, whereas monsters who get up in your face like MG & OG or Behe will generally take a wider spread. Gorgon is kind of in the middle, since the front of her model is very thin and wiry, whilst the back is large and tanky.

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He’s awesome damage wise but he has some clear weaknesses.
his damage is high but gets compensated with soft cc, this is the same reason why crow has soft cc. a damage trapper is better with combat than with saving teammates. also abe’s tracking dart is garbage until you’ve actually managed to hit the monster, but afterwards it becomes pretty potent.
though the tracking dart lasts a little too long imo.

Abe is bad on the hunt. But in the dome it’s his house. Once he sees you, he won’t stop seeing.

But it shouldn’t be just damage of why u pick Abe

But it’s not suppose to be where a trapper makes up for poor cc with damage . The cc of all trappers must be of equal strength

Not just damage, I meant that damage is what makes him an attractive choice in comparison with the other trappers.

That’s your opinion. I like variety.

Even though he has soft cc because of his high damage, it should be of equal use to hard cc like poons.

When I meant equal strength, I didn’t mean sameness. so like with poons, it stops the monster but can break while with stasis, it slows down the monster but can’t be broken

Edit: I’m pretty sure the devs don’t want to make it where a trapper has poor cc but compensates it through other means. It makes more sense if all cc are equally useful in different ways

Oh, what a terribly boring world that would be. Face it, it’s a choice you’re allowed to make, a tradeoff. What’s bad about that? Teams (or individual players) should be able to choose what they want to have, what they want to invest their trapper slot into. Better damage for dome pressure? Better peeling for defence? Better tracking? Better chipping? Someone’s got to be better at something. And for balance’s sake, that someone has to be less good at something else. Then you can get an interesting choice when building your comp. Otherwise, you might as well throw a die, if all trappers are equally good at all areas.

I didn’t mean equally good in all areas. I mean they all have equally good cc but in different ways and strengths. Soft cc is good for slowing down and can’t be broken while hard cc is good for stopping but can be broken. Abe’s stasis should still be useful As cc like all the others. if u want, u could say his status grenades help deal more damage pressure since its an area effect.

Edit: if u want balance, Abe’s shotgun trades accuracy for damage. His stasis trades area effect with being able to escape it

Edit: what I’m saying gives variety

Edit: I do say that Abe’s cc is great for damage, I just thought u were saying his cc is meant to be bad to compensate for his damage with the shotgun

It makes more sense to make them all equal but with different areas of expertise

Constant slow (stasis) will never have equal strength as a hard block (poons, repulsor) and that’s fine.
Stasis has no counter. And it’s not hard for the trapper to stasis you the whole time. That’s why it can’t be too strong.

While I was writing these lines I thought, how about a soft CC that is stronger but cannot be applied the whole time? So like a slow burst for the monster. That would be something unique…