Let's talk 8.1a!


Let’s discuss a potential 8.1a patch (I am going to see if it’s possible tomorrow, need to talk to PD and QA about how free they are).

Updating this list as I go.

Hunter General

  • Strike penalty 12.5% from 15%
  • 15 per second Health Regen standard on every hunter (does not stack with 30 Per sec HR Perk).
  • Global Knockback .65 from .75


  • Armor 3000/3500/4000 from 3000/4000/5000
  • Acid Spit
  • Cooldown_time 10 from 9
  • terrainEffectGridSize .5 from 1/2/3 <— This just means the pools won’t spread as far
  • terrainEffectRandomOffset 0 from 1 <— This just means the pools won’t spread as far
  • attackMinRadius 1.4/1.8/2.2 from 1.8/2.5/2.6 <— Spit stream is a little harder to nail people with.

Elder Kraken
Stamina Regen 16/16 from 14/17
Stamina Regen Delay 0 from 1 Second

  • Armor 3.5k/4k/4.5 from 4k/5k/6k
  • Eye of Doom
  • speed 25 from 37/46/57
    Min radius 4/5/6 from 5/6/7
  • Death Spiral
  • DPS 164/173/182 from 200/206/220
  • Chain Lightning
  • Cooldown 9 from 10
  • Chain lightning
  • Links now ignore LOS
  • Max Links 4 from 3
  • Lvl 1 Chain Damage 318/364/410/454 from 200/300/400/500
  • Lvl 2 Chain Damage 334/382/430/474 from 206/309/412/515
  • Lvl 3 Chain Damage 350/400/450/500 from 220/330/440/550


  • Armor 3k/3.45k/3.9k
  • Stamina Regen 16/16 from 17/18
  • Stamina Regen Delay 0 from 1 Second

*Armor 3k/3.75k/4.5k from 3k/4k/5k
*Light attacks no Longer Knock back.

  • Wraith light attack stamina changed to -0.6 from -0.4 (This allows Wraith to do a heavy, light, light, heavy cycle)

*Armor 4000/4500/5000 from 4k/5k/6k

*Burn Duration 1 from 2
*Burn DPS 4 from 6
*Daisy Flame DPS 4 from 8

SGT Hunk

  • Tech Sgt Hank Orbital DPS reduced to 250 from 275


  • Red beam drain reduced

New patch?

Couldn’t let me do it? :frowning:


Kinda happy to see armor amounts come down after the numerous damage nerfs for hunters. Well see how it fairs shrugs



Thank god! That strike penalty is going to be awesome too.


Maybe the strike should go to 12.5% instead. Would be safer.


If strikes are 10% each in TU09 I would er on the side of 12.5% considering monsters will be more powerful and capable in TU09


I like most of the changes, but probably leave the strike % alone. Making the strike peneltys worth less will probably incourage more FT3.


Health regen for all! Tee hee.


when you mean “so far” does that mean there is more?


It means, I am sorting telemetry and watching streams.

We could scratch the strike health and give Hunters the HR standard the summer patch has.


I don’t think the Kraken change is too necessary.

I also think the acid spit doesn’t need both a CD nerf and a Radius nerf.

12.5% would be safer.


Jayrob’s to be exact. Right now even. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait like health regen? What!?


I tend to agree. I might pull it. Basically, I was leaving the Goliath Bros with the higher armor and pulling down the Assassin/Mage class armors, because they seem to be on top right now.


All hunters are going have health regen?!


Yep. I’ve been milking teases from him on stream right now. PogChamp

15 per sec to be exact. Health regen perk is 30 or 45. One of those two.


They do in the Summer Patch. I can port that into 8.1a and pull the strike buff. It’ll help teams with weaker Medic players.

Title Update 9 : Everything we know - Expected Summer 2016

Will it work like the perk? When you get hit does it stop? Also will it stack with RVal and Emet’s passive


I think that’s a good start. As it is, it still feels that two strikes is instant death for a hunter. Would it be possible to increase Kelder’s cast time for banshee missile? I think a big problem people have with him is being sneak pounced and then immediately smacked in the face with that. A second or two of extra warning time for a hunter could go a long way