Let's take a look at the deployables


I noticed that the different deployables (Arc Mines, Tesla Mines, Harpoon Traps, Flame snares, Stasis Grenades, Healing Buoys, Sentry Guns and Shield Drones) have different values in things like arm time, deploy distance and radius. Now of course, this is the way it should be. But should the numbers really be all over the place?

In the following a few examples on how things are but shouldn’t be:

I am bitching about some inconsistent values again. Yay!

##1 Masteries
While most deployables increase their radius/ range with mastery progress, the Shield Drone and the Mines increase capacity and damage. Why not have it all increase radius?
To make up for the lack of capacity or damage, the following changes would be my suggestion:

  • Shield Drone: 800 Capacity (803 with mastery now)
  • Arc Mine: 648 Damage (660 with mastery now)
  • Tesla Mine: 378/567/756/945 (385/605/825/1045 with mastery now)

Side note: I chose these slightly damage numbers for the Mines with the following in mind: The radius will be higher due to mastery and below I also sugest a shorter arm time for the Tesla Mines. I also adjusted it so that the Tesla Mines increase by 50% per stage instead of some weird 57.142%. The stage 2 Tesla Mine does 12.5% less than an Arc Mine. Compare this to the Tesla Gun, where after the 2nd beam ends, it dealt about 25% less of what the Lightning Gun would have done in the same time.

##2 Deploy Rate
This is bascicly how long it takes to place a deployable. While this can vary, it is more or less 1 deployable per second, except for the throwable Stasis Grenades and healing buoys. So just a simple suggestion: Cut out the more or less part and make it exactly 1 deployable per second for all deployables that are not thrown.

##3 Arm Time

Right now the arm times of the deployables are all over the place. It reaches from 0.15s of Stasis Grenades over 4 seconds for Sentry Guns to 8 seconds for the shield drone. Of course, preemtive Deployables should take longer to arm than reactive deployables. If you add the 1 second deployrate you could end up with the following:
1 + 1.5 seconds:

  • Stasis Grenade (from 0.15 + flight time)
  • Healing Buoy (from 2 + flight time)
  • Sentry Gun (from 1 + 4)

1 + 3 seconds:

  • Stage 1 Tesla Mine (from 1.333 + 4)
  • Flame Snare (from 1.167 + 3)

1 + 4.5 seocnds:

  • Arc Mine (from 1.333 + 5)
  • Stage 2 Tesla Mine (from 1.333 + 8)

1 + 6 seconds:

  • Stage 3 Tesla Mine (from 1.333 + 12)
  • Harpoon Trap (from 1.167 + 5)

1 + 7.5 seconds:

  • Stage 4 Tesla Mine (from 1.333 + 16)
  • Shield Drone (from 0.55 + 8)

Side note: A Stage 4 Tesla Mine would need almost half the time to arm, but also do 100 damage less. In my opinion both the Stasis Grenades and the Harpoon Traps are too spammy which is why I think they should take slightly longer to arm. The Sentry Guns overall just need a better reactive power to effectively deny an area.

##4 Deploy Distance
Here we have 4 different values: 7, 8, 15 and thrown. Why not have 7.5 instead of 7 and 8 to make it half of 15 (this is Flame Snare)?

  • Arc Mines from 7 m to 7.5 m
  • Telsa Mines from 7 m to 7.5 m
  • Harpoon Traps from 8 m to 7.5 m
  • Sentry Guns from 7 m to 15 m (sorry, I couldn’t resist)
  • Shield Drone from 8 m to 7.5 m

##5 Radius
The values of the radius are very strange. The probably most noteworthy are the Harpoon Traps which not only have a better CC than the Stasis grenades, but also a higher range.

  • Arc Mines from 4.9 m to 5 m (I mean, come on)
  • Tesla Mines from 4.9 m to 5 m
  • Harpoon Traps from 20 m - 25 m to 15 m - 20 m
  • Stasis Grenade from 17 m to 15 m
  • Sentry Gun from 30 m - 30 m to 30 m - 35 m
  • Shield Drone from 45 m to 50 m

##6 Duration/ HP
Some deployables run out on their own, others have a one time use and some are just remain on the battlefield indefinetly. As a Hunter it is not fun to never replace the deployables because they are not getting destroyed and don’t run out on their own.

  • Flame Snare from 50 HP to 25 HP (I don’t think this will make any difference though, so why have it at 50 in the first place?)
  • Healing Buoy: Self destruction after the Helaing over time effect was applied 30 times
  • Sentry Gun from 130 HP to 200 HP, self destruction after 60 shots instead of 500
  • Shield Drone from 300 HP to 200 HP, self destruction after shielding 1600 damage

Overall I think this would make deployables much easier to compare among each other.

  1. not too sure on masteries, no comments.
  2. Deploy rates as in when you throw them how long it takes until the arming process?
  3. Can’t agree with everything here, I believe most of the arm times are fair, though I don’t pay attention too often.
  4. Deploy distance should be based on the type of deployable, things like the flame snare and sentries should be able to be thrown farther out, while things like mines and shield drone should need to be closer, having them all be similar defeats the purpose of a few of these items.
  5. The poon traps have that far reach for they are meant to stop monsters in traversals, movement, etc. so they need that bit of reach, and increasing the shield drone? NO!
  6. Can’t agree at all here, having well placed items like sentry guns or healing buoys die without monster intervention would be more frustrating than not placing them down, besides in a good battle these deployable would either be destroyed or re-thrown before people get to angry (and also everyone has a primary don’t they?)


So you agree with me?

[quote=“BearStream, post:2, topic:81562”]
Deploy rates as in when you throw them how long it takes until the arming process?

[quote=“BearStream, post:2, topic:81562”]
so they need that bit of reach
[/quote]Yes they do, but more than a Stasis grenade? Why are they allowed to both have better controll over the monster and more range?

The shield drones range to be precise. And to be fair, in the next point I suggested to have them only last for 1600 shield points.[quote=“BearStream, post:2, topic:81562”]
and also everyone has a primary don’t they?
[/quote]Yes they do, but firing one weapon all the time gets boring soon. This is my main point about Emet. It gets boring to just shoot the replay cannon all the time, just becuase the Monster does not destroy any buoys. For me it is indeed more frustrating to just use 1 out of 3 weapons in a fight, just because 1 is not for in the fight and the last doesnt need to be used.


If you hadn’t put that in your post, than this would be me response ^^ This is indeed the way it should be.
It’s the (only) way TRS can really balance every deployable.

This, again, has something to do with balancing the game.
So, why not?

Does it make the game easier to play? I don’t think so. Different weapon, different properties.

What you are suggesting here are a loooot of balance changes. It would make more things worse than better.