Lets share our build/thought about Gorgon on this current patch



TL;DR - I feel Gorgon a bit UP in Evolve stage 2 b’cuz every supports have shield burst and everyone have passive hp regen, so lets share our skill/perk build and thought about her in current state

Too long; pls read : Hi, im just average Wraith and Gorgon player with 400+ play hours. After I test my 2 main monster against veteran hunters in my group. I feel Wraith is balanced but Gorgon is too UP.

IMO, Gorgon tools arent working well in this current patch. Her concept is still stacking and spread DoT to hunters, so she lack burst damage. The result is against good hunter Gorgon gonna spend the longest time to make some hunter down.
In last patch b4 Evolve become Evolve stage 2, I felt she was on borderline between balanced and OP but in this patch every hunters have 15 hp regen/sec when not taking ‘health’ damage for 2 seconds and every support have that ‘putang ina mo’ (Asian DotA2 player know this word) shield burst that can negate almost all of Gorgon’s DoT stacking.

I know, I know that new player is suffering against Gorgon and think she’s OP but honestly she is not OP at all. When you know how to play as a ‘team’ and fight her correctly, she’s just a simple annoying spider(or ant?) but not that deadly. Spider trap OP? nah nah nah… trust me, against good team no one gonna let that cute spider survive longer than 3 seconds. But Mimic damage is really high you know? support just press 4 and Gorgon player gonna cry for most of her DoT stack vanishing in vain, and imagine when that support is Bucket… 2 shield burst OMG!!! T.T

So I think maybe my the problem is my skill/perks build
this’s my current build when I play Gorgon

Perks : Haste / Insatiable Hunger / Evolved Recovery
result : Movement Speed + 23% / Feeding Speed +80% / Cooldown Reduction 17%

Skill Build
S1 : WS 1, AS 3 /or/ WS 1, AS 1, ST 1, Mimic 1
S2 : WS 1 , AS 3, ST 1, Mimic 2
S3 : WS 1, AS 3 , ST 2, Mimic 3

im still experiment about Gorgon skill/perks build to a better build, so let’s share our build and thought about her in this current patch, thanks =w=


I think Gorgon’s Mimic should be buffed considerably, her acid might be buffed a little bit, but Spider Trap desperately needs a cooldown and Web Snare shouldn’t butcher jetpacks like it currently does.

Making Mimic and Acid stronger would actually help her against coordinated teams, which is where she’s weak, but nerfing Spider Trap and Web Snare a bit won’t actually harm her against them that much because they kill Spiders almost instantly every time, but it will help pubs out a hell of a lot and make her less frustrating.


IMHO, Gorgon is like Mei in Overwatch
Low level players feel she’s so powerful and OP while high level players all know how to deal with her.

Gorgon has 2 skill that unrrliable to deals damage.
I dont expect ST to catch good hunter, it doing gj to make support or medic lost his/her focus to spending time to kill it.

Mimic isnt good skill when hunter team has good assault that can keep following you while clearing ST at the same time, and damage from Mimic isnt reward that much. IMO, old 720 instant damage Mimic is better in this patch fighting style

WS utility is seem good on paper but I think debuff duration is too shot and damage is horrible

AS is good skill but it must be level 3 to be reliable damage and IMO, duration could be longer

Gorgon always has hardtime against AoE healer, but now it’s almost impossible to win cuz shield burst and passive hp regen are add into Evolve stage 2
Kala and Bucket are Gorgon hard counter when hunter player understand how to use them properly

I hope TRS may discover and fix the root of Gorgon problem soon