Let's Share Our BEST Matches


So I’m not sure if this is already a Topic so if it is (Redirect me at your will Leaders! :smile:)
If not, I feel that we should share some of our BEST Matches aND moments from Evolve . I’ll start, so I haven’t played multiplayer in a while but today I said Meh what the heck and I had three great matches in a row as Gorgon. Two real close, intense matches and one flawless victory combineD with Gorgon T-Bagging…ahh it was just perfect :blush: )
FYI Anyone one who was T-Bagged by Gorgon on Broken Hill Mine, that was me :blush: Sorry bout trollibg, couldn’t help myself :smile:


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You could use this thread. Seems the right place for it.

I’ll move your posts over there in a sec. Look forwards to seeing the videos you have. :wink: