I thought it would be fun to pass the time until the Gorgon is in our hands, so what better way then play some games together? We cannot all play Evolve together due to our platforms though…(sadness), but we can all play something else. Are you familiar with Zombie Dice? If you are, great! If not, check out this awesome TableTop video featuring Wil Wheaton at the 10:25 mark:

I thought Zombie Dice would be pretty fun, and if you look at it from the perspective of the monster hunting down and om-nomming the hunters’ brains…even better!

Zombie Dice is also an App, so you can get it on your mobile device. If you’d like to procure the actual dice you can find the game at Target, WalMart, or on Amazon of course. You can also, if you are willing, cut paper squares to draw from randomly in place of the dice. You will need to draw the symbols or write the words in 3 colors with the list provided below:

GREEN COLOR: 6 shots, 18 brains, 12 runners
YELLOW COLOR: 8 shots, 8 brains, 8 runners
RED COLOR: 9 shots, 3 brains, 6 runners

Color is important because it helps you determine if you want to keep pushing your luck. Red are the most lethal dice while greens are easy-peasy risks. If you are especially creative you can cut and glue your own paper dice from blank templates on-line or do something like @Bot below and utilize colored numerical dice.

  • It’s not quite the same using cut paper, I admit, and rolling is a bit off. If you are using cut paper please note that you draw 3 pieces and reveal their faces. If you get for example 2 yellow runners and 1 green brain and want to continue you do not put the 2 runner pieces of paper back into your pile but set them aside and draw 2 more pieces at random from the pile (understandably the colors will differ for the newly selected papers). This differs from using dice because with the runner dice you would take those 2 same die and pick a third random die for the re-roll while keeping the brain aside for scoring. I know this is a bit wonky but, it’s just for fun…so…

Each time you post you must reveal your full turn. Keep rolling to keep adding score but if you get shot 3 times, you score no points, so it’s in your best interest to quit while you are ahead! You can provide photos if you wish for added flavor but this entire game comes with the understanding that it’s just a gentlemanly game between us all, and on your honor.

At the beginning or end of your post, put your turn number. Example, if it was your 3rd post of dice rolling, say Turn 3, and then record your total accumulated scores up until that point.

  • Example:
    Turn: 3
    Shots Taken: 5
    Brains/Hunters Killed: 7
    You can also add a little fluff story of what went down on your rolling as well, to set the mood!

The goal will be who can procure the most brains in the least amount of turns taken by the day Gorgon is released for play. In the event of a tie it’s whoever got shot the least while so-doing.

Kinda silly to include this but hey, why not! An Evolve headband to the zombie monster that eats the most hunter brains!


I like the expansion for this that adds in the jock and damsel icons. (Football helmet and high heel shoe respectively)

Edit: Oops, didn’t see that wasn’t open yet. Never you mind me :slight_smile:


No worries! I’ll be opening this later when I get back. Have you seen the school bus expansion too? Lol, just wanted to keep it simple for the forum this go-around.


I haven’t seen that one :stuck_out_tongue: Ever since I stopped managing the Board Game Store I haven’t been as in touch with some games and their expansions as of late.


Opening the thread now…so let the games begin! Here is my opening round (you don’t all have to get this nuts with your posts if you don’t want to, heh)

I rise as the zombified Bog-skinned Goliath, grab the first three dice and roll:

Mmm, I spooked two hunters right away, but an unlucky one tripped, so I gobbled him up. I chose to go after the two fleeing humans and seek out a third…

I find a quick meal but then YEOWCH! Those two hunters I was seeking out actually set up an ambush for me and I took two bullets in my back! I should retreat, if I was smart I would - but I have a zombie brain, so I figure with a red and yellow hunter out of the way now, why not try for more easy greenies…

I manage to feast happily on two more victims but my overconfidence is my weakness, and while taking my last bite I took a third shot, barfing up all the hunter brains I had nommed on thus far. Bummer. I retreat to roll again another time.

Turn: 1
Shots Taken: 3
Hunter Brains: 0


I don’t have the actual zombie dice, but i do have green, red and white(which I will use as yellow) standard dice and then I do this to figure out what I roll.

1-3 on a green die count as a Brain, 4-5 on a green count as a footprint, etc.
I hope it’s okay I’m doing it like that?

As the Voodoo skinned Zombie wraith I take a peaceful stroll through the forest.

I find a hunter incapacitated in the forest, surrounded by reavers. I decide to put him out of his misery by eating his brain, but just as I’m done eating, two of his friends show up. One of them decides to flee immediately, but the bald guy empties his entire assault rifle in my side. Not sticking around with that guy, I choose to chase after the weird metal man.

Before I know it, I have little turrets shooting me from all sides. The metal guy seems to enjoy it, but his two friends are clearly scared. I warp towards them and in fear, they accidentally fling themselves into two mammoth birds. I feast on their tasty toasted brains, but the scary yellow metal man is still hanging around, so I decide to sneak away for now.

Shots Taken: 2
Hunter brains: 3


Bot, you are an intelligent machine, and therefore, you hurt my organic brain meats, but yes, you can do this!

Lol…love your story. Can’t wait for more! I wish I could give you extra points for scaring victims into mammoth birds, that was a good one!


I arise once again as Bog-skinned Goliath, now with slightly less skin, and manage to stumble upon some colonists, which quickly flee from the sight of me. But while going to pursue I take skirting damage from a turret. Undeterred, and shocked at my poor luck already, my anger fuels my charge.

I pounce one of the colonists and yank out his brain while the other gets away. Before I can give chase, a dune beetle sneaks up behind me and pokes me in the butt. Are you serious! I seen him miles away and left him in my dust…but now he sneaks up on me to hit me?! I punch him in the butt-mouth and tear out his brain too, but dune beetle brains don’t count, I just needed the satisfaction! I quit while I am ahead.

Turn: 2
Shots Taken: 5
Hunter Brains: 1

(Dude, seriously? I had mostly green dice and the odds of getting a shot on a green is 1/6 with runners at 2/6!)


I’m still on the prowl, feeling the need to catch up to zombie voodoo Wraith.

I find a hunter in a plant, smack him out of there and finish off what’s left of him. Turns out he wasn’t alone, and two others I sniffed split in different directions.

I go after the one that doesn’t cloak and easily down her. But her cloaked buddy calls down searing balls of flame from the sky while I’m feasting. I don’t know where he is and I barely manage to snag out that juicy brain while I turn tail and escape the bombardment.

Turn: 3
Shots Taken: 7
Hunter Brains: 3


Ugh I hate typing on my mobile on the forums, always something that goes wrong.


I’m just minding my own bussiness when all of the sudden I see 3 tasty hunters, I sneak upon them to see if I can get some nice tasty meat. One walks away from the group so I follow him to see what he’s up to. And while he looks in another direction I sneak pounce him. The other 2 hunters heard the noise and decided to run because they knew they were too far away to help their friend.

I decide to chase the other 2 hunters that got away from me, but I’m being reckless and didn’t notice they had an ambush all set up for me. Ouch! I’m getting shot from everywhere but I’m still going in. I focus one of them while being under heavy turret fire and I manage to push him around a corner and I finish him off.

I’m hurt badly but I’m still hungry! I keep searching for some tasty meat and my patience pays off. 3 hunters drinking beer around a campfire and it seems like they had one too much already. This is my chance! I jump towards them and start hitting them as hard as I can, while I’m fighting I see one of them run away but I can’t afford to chase him in case of another ambush. I finish the 2 hunters and lay down for a few minutes, my belly is full again.

Turn: 1
Shots Taken: 2
Hunter Brains: 4


Not only do you keep going after 2 shots but you score 2 brains on red die?

My monster play in Zombie Dice is just as bad as in Evolve…WHAT!


Bog Goliath is back on the hunt…taking way too many turns but it doesn’t matter to Boggy!

There’s two hapless victims playing on the mammoth bird playground equipment over in the Foundry. I rock slam them before they know what hit them, but before I know it 3 green beams start flying all around me and slice into my skin, tearing off even more and revealing my ribs. I leap myself on out of there fast!

Suddenly I’m stopped mid-leap and seemingly held in place by a green shield beam right to my face. Only thing I can do it flame breath and hope for the best, and luckily I roast up that hunter that repulsed me, stopping him from stopping me. 2 other hunters are nearby but, seeing their friend’s brain being ripped out of his skull, they make a break for it. One of them managed to plink me in the eye, which blocks my vision and allows them an escape.

Turn: 4
Shots Taken: 9
Hunter Brains: 6

(I just wanna say that every time I grab some dice and see what I roll I feel like Wheaton at the 17:13 mark of the video above.)


I guess Gorgon got the jump on us all this week. Well, true to the game rules I posted, this is over, and the winner is @Dutch for getting the most hunter brains in the least amount of turns taken, so he gets the prize. Dutch, PM me with your address deets.

Also, I have been considering doing more “Lets Plays” featuring various games…although this one didn’t get many takers, so I wonder if anyone would be interested if I did more giveaways…like perhaps for original artwork of mine featuring Evolve monsters? Or maybe the wristbands?

You opinions are always welcome! I was thinking games like Zombie Dice, Get Bit, and a variant of Nanuk with a re-theme for Evolve but I’m open to ideas.


Please keep the price or give it to someone else, I haven’t played Evolve in months so I think somebody else would be much more happy with it. Oh and btw, thanks for showing me TableTop, never seen it before and now I’m hooked.


Then the prize can go to the other player, @Bot. Thanks to both of you for playing…I hope to do this again soon with different prizes. Also, Tabletop is hands down the best place for awesome board game playthroughs! Glad you’re hooked now too…it’s so much fun to watch.


But I only got to play like 1 turn! :open_mouth:
It’s okay with me if you just saved it as a prize for the next game or contest you start. :smile: