Let's Play Poorly: Evolve - Evacuation pt 5 Conclusion - Bear's Redemption? - Co-oping Toward Hatred


You won’t want to miss how this ends. In the thrilling conclusion of
our Evacuation campaign in Evolve, Bear winds up the series by playing a
Val against the Wraith in Defend mode. Bear didn’t want to fight the
Wrait, but his own fucking impatience made that happen. Also, he AGAIN
can’t stop switching characters, Johnny gives up trying to help for
awhile, the Wraith glitches out for a few seconds, Bear refuses to
acknowledge the on-screen prompts, and Bear shoots his alien dog.

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Ok. This was the final one anyway.


No worries. It’'s usually better to have a thread with lots of views/replies anyway as that draws more attention and notifies previous visitors that something new was posted :slight_smile:


Good tip. Unfortunetely, no one was commenting or watching the videos anyway… My poor little channel!


I know the feels.


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