Lets Play Finish the Sentence: I Want Evolve So Bad I


…started this topic to get some catharsis amongst the forum folk.

…am literally dreaming of playing Evolve at night.

…look at my dog and think of Daisy.

…find myself singing the “Follow the Daisy” song while driving.

…am pining away watching the streams others have posted of Alpha gameplays.

…wish I was working for Turtle Rock so I could be playing right now!


… would give up a Klondike Bar.


… am planning an international war to avoid the three day wait non NA players have


…am building a Goliath suit so I can leap smash for real.

…was really starting to annoy some of my friends until they tried the alpha, and are now nerding out with me.

…make Kraken noises in the shower.

…talk like Markov.

…can’t stop smiling.


…has my eye always twitched like that?


this is how you fan


I’m starting to pretend my left-hand has a lazarus glove on it… god i need help :frowning:


I was only 9 years old
I loved Evolve so much, I had all the merchandise and footage
I pray to Evolve every night before bed, thanking It for the life I’ve been given
“Evolve is love” I say; “Evolve is life”
I lay in bed and it’s really cold
Suddenly, a warmth is moving towards me
It’s Goliath…
Evolve is love. Evolve is life.

And, that’s as far as I go with that XD


True facts about Alien Hand Syndrome.


here is the downvote/purge button :stuck_out_tongue:


haha oh wauw. Nah don’t worry I haven’t gone insane. It just felt SO good to get revives of in the alpha…


I’m starting to pretend my left-hand has a lazarus glove on it… god i need help frowning

Im starting to pretend my left hand is lazarus, wink wink…
Couldn’t resist sry XD


i love evolve so much im going to animation school just so i can work for turtle rock when i graduate


. . .I’m starting think I’m a robot with a detachable head!


Signed up for the forums and spent so much time on them that I became a moderator lol


Wait, your head DOSN’T detach? Mind blown


Yea, what the hell man?! We thought we had a real gentleman robot among the team! DISSAPIONTEEEEEEEEEEEED!!!


By far my least enjoyable part/song of the movie. :stuck_out_tongue:


Have already bumped off 53 of the top 100 people more likely to get into a beta than me…