Lets Play Baseball Speedrecords!


Here is my submission for fastest Knocking em out of the park Speed Run!


Whale god damn. ._.


Well, i pretty much played Bob since his release… You should try Speedster Bob too… Freaking hiLarioUs! In that video your seeing a High Level Armor + regen set.


I wanted Behemoth to be my main sooooo bad when he released, but I’m just not that great at him. I play a MUCH better Gorgon. What’s your recommended ability set at each stage?


Really, I like to focus the fireball and fissure, and if there is going to be a possible hassle I go 1 fire, 2 fissure and 1 wall (never need more than 1 wall…

You get the tongue grab only if you stomping the hunters

But if I want to hold my own and win a match but not overpower the hunters I usually go

Haste/Climbspeed/cooldown redux
3 fireball / 1 fissure at stage with 1…

I always lure hunters to a rocky area or preferably zoning areas like caves.
I use the fireball to mitgate where the hunters thikn they are running too… then I smash em with the fissure, then roll… then melee and by that time, the fireball is all ready to go again!

If you are playing a pesky beam/speedster team, counter with bobs own haste on all three perks.
This turns her into a wrecking ball that the Hunters usually are not ready to deal with. (think instant speed roll)

and finally, if you want to just get in there and scrap like above, full armor key set with a good regen!