Let's Play a Game Part 2


A few hours ago, Rapterror created this thread:

While he heads up the fan-made kit designs for the hunters, let’s give the monsters some love.

Below are a number of monster concepts. For the sake of originality, I’ve left out those that eventually developed into the monsters we know and love (sorry, that includes Host). Go ahead and design a monster’s skill set. What are its abilities? What’s its traversal? Without the limits of making a monster balanced for gameplay, feel free to imagine every dirty trick the monsters would evolve to beat the humans.

Or maybe you can’t think of more than a few abilities, or gameplay mechanics just aren’t your thing. Write about the first time some unlucky sap encountered one of these beasts or a battle in the human-monster war.











Velvet Worm

Here’s the tools, now it’s up to you to make something with them.

Your Own Hunter

You sly Devil, you, why didn’t I think of this!?


Claiming Dragon right the fuck now! It’s mine, it’s mine, fuck you I’m taking it!

Taking Beholder too, 'cause I’m on a roll, motherfucker!


People can do multiples of monsters you know. That’s what adaptations are for.

Besides, I’m doing Beholder.


Aww. Okay then.


You can still post yours. The idea is to see everyone’s ideas and bury the humans under a tide of extra-dimensional murder beasts! Also, if each monster only got one interpretation this thread would be over pretty quickly.


I call Infiltrator! Ooo and I’ll take Naga!!


@Rapterror I didn’t do Hunters because I don’t like doing backstories, here I’m not forced to :stuck_out_tongue:


You don’t have to do a backstory.


Nope in the rules won’t do it


Dibs on Gargoyle


I’ll do an infiltrator, and a beholder. AND either naga or or dragon


Hiss!!! No! They are mine!!!


I want to do Berzerker.

Can we start posting our ideas now? Also does Berzerker have a spiked tail? I see something that could be a spike on the end of the tail. Are those feathers or spikes on his back?


I guess you can interpret them any way you want :slight_smile:


Yeah, go ahead and start posting.


Focuses on high damage abilities but usually easy to dodge.

Acts as a charge instead of a once use ability. Beam can hold 6 seconds before time runs out, but a 12 second full recharge time. Fairly accurate, more damage than fire breath, and longer range, but no DoT.

Blinds hunters for 3.5 seconds if they have direct sights on monster, but it has a 0.70 second charge before detonation, so hunters can look away before blinded. 20 second cooldown

Energy builds up for 1 second (can change aim) and is forced out of body like Vortex with high damage and knockback.

Lock this ability onto one hunter and any other hunter attacked, the damage into them does damage to both the hunters involved. Lasts 7 seconds with long cooldown, 35 seconds. HAs to be within 30 meters to lock onto hunter.

If hunters look directly into his eye (crosshair), for every 1.5 seconds, reload/switch time increases, small blindness increases and stacks (limited stack).

Floats like wraith, but with a low hum instead of silence. Charge bar like behemoth, surges in any direction. Can go upwards like Kraken but less height limit.


Aight. Let’s do dis.

Berzerker’s passive: Any attack involving his spikes will deal bleed DOT to the target.

TRAVERSAL: Berzerker gets on all fours and leaps into the air. Hitting the melee attack button will make him do a ground pound that knocks back anything in it’s radius.

Ability 1: Tail Impale: Berzerker lashes out with his tail, impaling anything in it’s path. Causes bleed DOT.

Ability 2: Ball Slam: Berzerker leaps to a target, curls into a ball, and slams onto a target, crushing them and stabbing them. Causes bleed DOT.

Ability 3: Plasma Beam: Berzerker opens his jaws and shoots a purple plasma beam.

Ability 4: Horn Charge: Berzerker lowers his skull, and charges, impaling anything in his path. Can be controlled. If Berzerker runs into a wall, he will trap the target in the wall. Causes bleed DOT.

His melees would consist of claw swipes, horn swipes, and biting.



A techno-organic monster first encountered by Sol Guard during the battle for New Moscow.

Vampiric: Beholder’s passive ability. Damage resistance increases as Beholder deals damage and decreases as it takes damage.

Impulse: Its traversal. A single bar system, the Beholder flies towards the reticle via mechanical and biological thrust. It is capable of using this to fly, but it is unable to maneuver in any direction other than forward. As a result, is it common to briefly deactivate Impulse in order to reorient rather than try to steer. Speed increases the longer Impulse is continuously active, resetting to the original speed the instant it stops.

Thermal Beam: A powerful energy beam fired from the central “eye”. The ability is a continuous use, holding down the button until the charge runs out. You can cancel the beam at any time by releasing the button. The ability will recharge from whatever amount was left when firing was ceased, but still cannot be fired again until it is fully charged. The Beholder cannot move while firing though it can adjust its aim. Damage dealt by the beam increases the longer it remains active. Points increase range and decrease charge time.

Entropy Burst: A briefly charged AOE blast centered on the Beholder. Holding the button charges the ability, which is activated when the button is released or it is fully charged. As it charges, damage greatly increases but range decreases. Points increase range and decrease charge time.

Temporal Distortion: A projectile fired by the Beholder. Any hunter within its blast radius is reset to their position one second ago. Points increase blast radius and projectile speed.

Null Field: The Beholder enters a temporary state with a massive damage resistance. All damage negated while in this state is instead added to the next melee strike the Beholder performs. There is no upper limit to how much damage can be stored, but the practical limit is equal to the amount needed to kill a hunter with full health, a full shield, and the Defense Matrix active. This ability has the longest cooldown of its abilities. Points increase time and percentage of damage nullified.

The Beholder is a risk/reward style monster. Some abilities are more effective when built to their full power, but leave you vulnerable while doing so. Use Null Field to negate some of that weakness, or Temporal Distortion to ensure targets are always in the right place to be hit. Depending on how you play, the Beholder can either spam lightly damaging attacks or strike with a few devastating blows.

I’m currently working on a short piece of writing for the Beholder, so look out for that.

Your Own Hunter

Uses it in the beginning of a dome, teleports hunter outside, it’s Laz



  • Melee

  • Snap | Every .4 Seconds Infiltrator bites at enemies dealing 75 Points

  • Traversal

  • Glitch | 3 Charges allow Infiltrator to Glitch forward by 30 Meters each jump

  • Passive

  • Invisibility | When Sneaking Infiltrator will turn invisible bending light around itself, tracks are still able to be seen


  • Glitch Swap | Switch with places with an enemy in a 40 meter range and with any enemy swapped with will deal 250 Points to that enemy

  • Glitch Bomb | Spits out a stronger pulse of energy of a radius with 25 meters that explodes 4 times rapidly before stopping with each one dealing 200 - 250 - 300 - 350 Points Damage

  • Stasis Glitch | Infiltrator spits a ball of energy that causes 300 Points on point of impact enemies caught in the radius are stuck from moving or firing for 1.5 seconds

  • Glitch Pounce | Infiltrator targets his enemy and Glitches toward them while pouncing on them dealing 250 Points, if Infiltrator is not hit after Glitch Pouncing, he will continue attacking for 90 Points per .7 Seconds

Thanks…I guess?