"Let's keep things civil"


Aight, so I’m going to go out on a bit of a limb here. Let me start with the disclaimer that I love our benenvolent moderators and think they do a bang up job of keeping the forums an enjoyable place to come back to.

That being said… is it just me, or are we as a community just a tad too sensitive? I feel that there is a line between wanting to maintain a level of civility and completely denying anyone the right to get emotionally expressive. I can’t really speak for myself (as I’m such a fantastically kind and civil gentleman :wink: ) but it seems like whenever I come across even a wiff of enmity on a thread a mod will swoop in and go “keep it civil!”

Sure, I don’t think the forums should be allowed to become a cesspool of “your mom sucks my dick you little s***”, but flags shouldn’t be dropping left and the second someone calls someone else a jerk. While I personally love every one of my fellow forum members, liking everyone shouldn’t be a requirement of participation.

Just my two cents (again, not even sure why I care, as I am a pillar of civility and warmth. Guess it’s just the freedom loving side of me showing :slight_smile: )


You don’t have to like everyone, but you should show a modicum of respect to everyone. :slight_smile:


How do you define “modicum of respect” though? And, when you think about it, doesn’t show a lack of respect to censor someone just because they’re not saying nice things? Ya, I don’t like it when some jerk flips me off just because my driving is irritating him (I take pride in driving the speed limit, and boy, does it piss some people off) but I wouldn’t want him to get pulled over for it.


Well it is TRS’ thread, so they don’t have to air/host/whatever any toxic comments people make, and the toxic ones do get removed since that’s not the type of forum they want.

But I think the mods tell people to keep it civil so they don’t have to step in and ‘censor’ people. The toxic parts of the comments don’t really add anything to their actual points either, so they’re still able to express their views if they want


Generally couldn’t care about what anyone on this or any other place on the internet says.


For me, “a modicum of respect”, as cheesy as it sounds, is treating other members how you’d like to be treated.

As for censoring unnecessary comments, it’s all part of keeping the forums a welcoming place. It’s part of the FAQ/ToS of the forum that everyone agrees to when they join.


True, but if you were driving within the city limits where flipping someone off is punishable, then they should be punished for it.

There is a difference between censorship, catering to people who are too sensitive and offensive attacks against a person or persons. The latter is where we draw the line. You agreed to the ToS when you first signed up and that means you abide by the rules. The rules clearly state that you cannot attack another person, or persons, and that you need to contribute to the thread at hand.

We clearly leave posts that have swear words as long as they aren’t excessive or directed specifically to someone. We are even fine with people whinging about the game. We don’t believe in censorship, but we also want a forum that has contributing members who don’t attack someone because they think/believe differently then you. We believe we are doing our best with regards to this vision.


There’s plenty of people on here I don’t “like”, it’s hard to like people you have no connection to that seemingly act opposite to your own sense of ethics and morals, but I don’t go around insulting them every time I get in to a heated discussion though. It’s a cancer of the internet that every time two or more people with opposing views try to discuss something that it boils down to belittling the person involved rather than their argument.

We tell people to keep it civil as a hopeful reminder that people’s humanity will shine through and they’ll realise that perhaps they’ve got a little too flustered and should take a step back from the keyboard for a bit, that way we don’t have to go around censoring every little thing.

Get angry, get frustrated, as @SlabOMeat says… it means you care and I personally think that’s awesome. But conduct yourself like a mature human being while doing it. There is nothing that calling someone a name in a thread does that enhances that conversation, quite the opposite.

If you’re interested in the why and whatfores as to why community moderating teams do this in general then this might be enlightening http://kottke.org/08/12/does-the-broken-windows-theory-hold-online


No, I don’t find it too strict. I see plenty of complaints and see a lot of people I would consider jerks and they don’t get censored or anything.


Ahh see though, “treat others how you’d like to be treated” is a purely subjective concept. Some people are fine getting into flame wars, while other aren’t. My objection to using this maxim as the rule is that it forces you to cater to the highest level of sensitivity, and frankly, I think that leads to an over-sensitive community that will cry wolf over anything and everything.
To your point @MaddCow, I fully understand it’s ultimately TRS’s forum and we all have to play by their rules; further, I’m not questioning your interpretation of the law (in fact, I think your moderating is bang on point given the rules). I questioning the rules themselves. I think rules TRS has set up draw the line too far on the side of sensitively, which leads to what I see as needless censorship and a community where anyone who has a personal beef with another forum member is put in time-out like a four year old.

Again, not in anyway coming from a personal place; I don’t have a problem with anyone on the forums, never have, and really do think you guys do a great job. I’m just making a existential objection to the way the forum itself is set up (because why not ;))


But if we don’t do this, you get forums like the Steam ones. If people are allowed to bicker because they don’t like someone’s opinion, the discussion loses quality. I don’t mind that there are MANY forums out there for Evolve. However, I’m glad that because there are many, there are at least a couple that try to stay classy :smile:

Generally speaking, I rarely hide posts because someone feels offended. I do it if the content warrants it, not if a person asks for it.

No worries :slight_smile: I didn’t take anything personal. I’m just helping explain so that others can hopefully understand out process better.


I’m glad you said this, I don’t like “treat others how you’d like to be treated” because that’s a bad path to go down if you ever meet a suicidal maniac :wink:

There’s nothing wrong with having an over-sensitive community that communicates appropriately with more people feeling like they can take part, compared to a thick-skinned smaller community that turns people off from getting involved. “over-sensitive” is the battlecry of the person who thinks their right to freedom of expression means it extends to a right to force other people to listen.

Edit: I use “thick skinned” loosely tbh because the people left behind if you don’t try to keep things friendly in a place like this aren’t thick skinned, they break at the merest hint of an opinion they don’t agree with and turn straight to anger. That isn’t really being “under-sensitive” in any way, it’s having an anger management issue.


I am still pissed the Sexy Wraith one is closed tbh


Sometimes u can put your toe over the line and they’ll let it go, and sometimes u can say some seriously funny shit and it gets flagged, you noob


Hey now, calling me a noob? that’s a personal attack! @MaddCow this guy needs to be locked down asap! :wink:

To the point though, MaddCow, if I was genuinely offended by this comment and flagged it, would you remove it?


Wasn’t talking to you just testing the waters it’s half the fun in this forum


I would look through the thread and base it off that. I rarely base it off a comment alone. In this case, the fact that he said what he said wouldn’t warrant one. However, the fact that he likes to try and ‘test’ what he can and can’t do would put him on my/our radar. I don’t appreciate people that try and see what they can get away with.


I agree with having rules and stuff so this wont turn out into call of duty.But honestly people can’t even take jokes.I wrote a copy pasta from twitch.tv here to a thread and it was flagged(2 times in 2 different threads) within 3 minutes.


Fair enough :smile:

Ya, that would irritate the hell out of me.


What is ok in one medium isn’t ok in another. If you can’t see why it was flagged than I’m sorry. I was the one who removed them both twice because of the name used inside.