Lets keep Evolve's Wikia growing

There’s so much info we can share here as well as lore of some of the events and background on characters.
We have so much great lore/info stuff scattered in the forums here, if someone would just be kind enough to add anything into the wikia it can really help people are not as familiar with the game and the forums understand what great things that are around Evolve.

So much can be shared and added, if everyone just pinched in one little thing a day every now and again. In a matter of weeks or months we can really build up a lot of information inside Evolve.

We also need some work in the numerical data and what not, of hunters and monster abilities.
Using numbers we’ve learned from patch 5.1 and 5.1.1 we can really add a lot of information into the wiki.


Anyone can pretty much dig around in the dev tracker for any Matthew posts and add info as they please. The only thing is, Matt has stated some of the stuff he posts is non-cannon and subject to change.

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I’d be happy to contribute to some pages to correct grammar mistakes, faulty references or general gameplay values and tactics since a lot of the information on the wiki is either outdated or useful to only the newer players.

Although I’m not a huge fan of the Evolve lore though, so I can’t help with that.
Nor do I care much for creating big wiki articles from scratch.

I can easily add numerical data to it if needed. However, that might be better to keep on the forum. XD

Numerical data is needed for the monsters, Goliath and Kraken had a lot of data that needs to be updated. Wraith and Bob don’t have proper written ones yet.

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I try going to the wiki on occasion but the amount of things known is so limited with numbers changing all the time.

There are a lot of things we don’t even have good info on.

Someone updated a lot of stuff on the Jack and Ida sections, they also put up official art that I’ve never seen before. As well as adding updated numerical data on the hunters. Goodjob guys.

I’ll try looking into more of Sunny and the monsters to add today, especially numbers for the monsters.

I saw aliases on The Host and had to sigh.

I can’t even…

We should put Miley and Ted on the trivial nickname section for Gorgon, has Bob been put on the Behemoth section? I heard Wraith also had a few dev,ingame,fan alias.

@moiser you should probably help out with the Caira section since you’re such a Caira fanboy, there’s a lot of stuff you know about Caira that can help. Do it before I choose to do it myself.

@ToiletWraith charley I nominate you to take care of the Hyde page. Here’s patch 5.1 notes, they should help.

@Rickvs did you put up the Mobile Arena page or was that always there?

I’m making some edits on a good amount of pages due to bad grammar and recent changes.
So far I’ve updated the information on the Mobile Arena page and every Trapper’s page since they used to say the Mobile Arena takes 3 seconds to become active after being thrown.

I’ll list a changelog about what I’ve done later.

I’m adding a couple of reference and their link tables to the pages that you and I’ve updated.

The trapper pages are looking pretty good.

I’ll continue to work on the monster sections when I have time, maybe work on the Assault sections with @ToiletWraith. @demonhunter1245 you’re a torvald fangirl right? You should see what you can do with Torvald.
I’m thinking we should leave the medic and support pages alone for now the next title update will sure bring up a lot of changes.

@10shredder00 maybe you can add up some stuff on the Miley page? You’ve been following her progress and stalking the devs more than I have, you probably know a lot.

This can help if you guys are doing numbers.

Remind me to update the ‘Wildlife’ page (and whichever other related pages) to display a complete, updated list on Elite wildlife buffs when the next title update hits.

I think the wildlife section should be categorized to Biome or Shear.

I’ve added some stuff here and there months ago. I’m sure I can add more now. later, I’m in school right now.

Might be a better idea to change the last category from ‘Maps’ to ‘Shear’ so pages listed in the latter could be the more general articles like "Game modes’, “Maps” and “Wildlife”.


Cant be bothered.

Then I shall have free reign.

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Feel free to butcher anything and everything. I don’t use the wiki these days.

Fanboy, but Ill accept it :smiley: