Lets help new players beat monsters (Monster hunting tips)


So in my opinion all monsters are a little too strong, but not op as long as you have team work you can win. (Though i think stage 1 should be nerfed). But it is no secret that new players are being crushed by decent monster players. This is mainly Caused by a lack of a good tutorial on how to play evolve and how to deal with monsters.

Heres What i suggest, Post below on a monster you think is op / you find hard to fight and why(Please say if you are new, a returning founder, or someone who played since release). Once you have posted my hope is an experienced player will be able to tell you what you can do to help you win.

I hope this thread can help some new or returning players and I want this game to succeed this time around.

Some basic tips I can give are:
-Try to save some jetpack for dodging, many abilities are easily dodged.
-Use height to your advantage, if your not the assalt then standing high on a ledge and shooting down can keep you safe.
-Spread out during fights if you can, having 2 hunters go down by 1 ability usually means the end.
-If someone is down, do not rush in to revive them. If the monster is still near chances are they are watching the body and will kill you. If the medic is alive they can revive them from range with heals.

Also Read this thread for good hunter tips


Make good use of vantage points. Having height advantage over the monster as well as keeping line of sight with your teammates is a very valuable thing - it diminishes monster’s AoE capabilities, let’s other hunters do their job while the monster focuses on only one of them, makes it very, very inefficient for the monster to not focus.

Use your deployables wisely - if they are all in one place, they can be all destroyed with one hit. The rest depends on the kind of deployable:

  • Sunny’s Drone: put it somewhere high and do not stay with it. The monster will have to choose between having his targets shielded all the time or climbing up there while four hunters keep shooting at you.
  • Markov’s/Blitzkov’s Mines - it’s a good idea to put them in the vantage points other hunters are staying at, so it’s costly for the monster to go there, but keep in mind the explosions also knock back the hunters, which could send them flying away from everybody’s line of sight and probably into the monster’s jaw soon after
    -Bucket’s Turrets, Emet’s Healing Buoys, Abe’s Stasis Grenades - as these are easily replaceable and are faster to be ready for usage, you don’t need to be as careful as with the previous two categories. Just remember to put them somewhere where they can actually do their job - A buoy that’s in hard to reach place is going to be hard to reach for hunters wanting to be healed as well!