Let's help more new players get cemented into the game


Somebody posted on Reddit “Stop With the New Player Bashing

Another person posted on Reddit that those of us on Steam should write reviews of the game, since it went on sale. Your friends on steam are more likely to read your review of your game and may buy the game while on sale.

I wrote a review, and over the weekend, I noticed a couple of newbros in the game. Here’s my story:

I joined a game a couple of days ago and it was a lvl 17 and lvl 16 guy against a level 40 elite monster. We lost, and after the match, the monster player left. I said “oh good, he left” and they said “he probably got bored after beating us 7 times in a row.” I said “you guys should be playing against people around the same level as you.” I then played as the monster and to be completely honest… I let them beat me. I don’t feel any shame about doing this, I tried to make it look like I was having a hard time, and I continued to play in the games with them and whenever I played monster, I intentionally lost. Finally, I played as Kraken on Distillery. Kraken is a monster that I hardly ever use, at this point, only one of the newbros was still playing, and the other 3 were high level players. I tried my hardest as Kraken. It was probably the closest match that I, or they, have ever had. How close? I was at a sliver of life, and so was the last hunter. My lightning strike animation was ON TOP OF HIM and he killed me a split second before it went off. I wasn’t even mad.

After the match was over, I could hear the happiness and excitment in their voices, and it made me feel good. I didn’t care that I lost. I felt good because I made these 4 other players have a really fun time playing against me as the monster. Sometimes winning loses it’s appeal, and losing with style can be even more rewarding and satisfying, especially if you know it helps cement a newbro into this game.

One more thing I want to point out - it’s to the players who are rude and then say “welcome to the internet, this is how it is.” If that’s how it is, there’s not a lot of room for non-toxic players in this game. I realllllly hope that we don’t wind up with a gaming community that’s as toxic as DOTA or League of Legends. I’ve played a lot of fun games with really chill people. I’ll be honest, often times the more chatty and talkative players aren’t the most skilled, but I don’t care. Even if we lose, I enjoy playing with people who are fun and entertaining. It’s a multiplayer game, and those people with interesting or funny things to say are what really enrich the experience. For example I played one night with a guy who did a really good King of The Hill impression, and talked like Hank from King of the Hill the entire match. Please don’t rob the experience by turning this into a toxic environment.

I myself am guilty of raging out while playing. I know this, but most of the time I try to keep things lively and fun. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.


I agree, there’s a lot of easy toxicity out there and some general compassion and fairplay goes a long way. Coming from the perspective of someone that doesn’t really enjoy so much as endure monster play I always get annoyed when people make fun of losing monsters. They’re probably just trying to make it work and at least they are giving it a go instead of quitting the lobby because they’d rather play hunter. I always find a “TBH you did better than I would have” goes a long way.

Nice story about the Kraken match too!


As a monster player I do go slightly easier on newuns what could they possibly learn in a 3 minute game
I’ll pick 1 1 1
And your right about chatting ill stick in a group of mic players just for that minute I can say
Damn you guys and your cc


I agree. I was in a match on Xbox and I don’t play monster often. So I played as a wraith for the wraith challenge weekend. Gave it a pretty good fight too but lost badly lol.

Afterward, I had this cocky kid in the room… Hey rubex did you get mad when I hank orbital’ed you while you were evolving? Hahahhaha… I just responded with, no not really, I picked a bad spot to evolve.

So next round he gets monster, he picks wraith to show me how it’s done… Needless to say he’s an awesome monster player. So he proceeds to slaughter my team. Back in the lobby he says… See rubex? That’s how a wraith is played hahahahahaha… I responded, very well played bro. Great game.

But it’s people like this that can ruin a game or an experience for a new player.


July 2016, Evolve has gone free to play because it needs a second chance. I think this post still has some merit to it.

Now we have ranked play, and I’ll tell ya - we need it and it needs to work better than it did when it was originally implemented. Hopefully the algorithm has been augmented to incorporate individual hunter player performance metrics - instead of only relying on a win or a lose. Also, hopefully we get more low skilled monster players in the que because the low skilled hunter players need something easier to shoot at.


I have very little I can comment on the forums nowadays.

This one I can, and I’ll make it short.

I’ve been watching streams over the weekend, and yes they’re some vet/good players getting on and just wiping players. Some of them even have the nerve to talk smack while doing it, with or without realizing that this players may be new and aren’t pre-made. It’s funny/sad to watch (funny cause they try and justify what they’re doing)

I’ve been watching more people get into ranked, and I feel like that’s where the higher end players should be at this point, not Hunt.

Have a great day!


Unfortunately gamers do tend to be a certain type of person and we witness it time and time again that personal “glory” trumps creating a fun environment for all far too often.